Our Continued Commitment to Protecting European Data Across Borders: What’s Next

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RingCentral continues to strengthen its European footprint and proudly innovates in serving  European Union customers.

RingCentral has been, is, and will continue to be committed to protecting our customers’ data, within Europe and the UK or wherever you may be located. We are listening to our customers and their concerns about data handling and data transfers as well as the changing regulatory landscape with GDPR, Schrems, Schrems II and the subsequent European Data Protection Board (EDPB)’s recommendations on supplementary measures. This means protecting data, keeping it in Europe, limiting access to only in-Europe personnel where possible and retaining the data for the time needed, and not more.

We are proud of our existing practices:

  • Confidentiality of communications: RingCentral encrypts communications over public networks and has strong practices in place to prevent any unauthorised access to customer content. We have never used the content of communications for our own purposes.
  • Security of networks and services: RingCentral takes appropriate measures to safeguard the security of its service and regularly submits to externally-led audits.
  • Data breach notifications: We support GDPR (and CCPA) requirements and industry best practices for data breach notifications.
  • Data Control: Customers have the ability to download and delete content (meeting recordings, voice mails) from RingCentral at any time.
  • Traffic and location data: RingCentral uses traffic and location data solely to provide its services.

As part of our ongoing commitment to being a trusted partner to all of our clients, we are expanding our technical infrastructure for European and UK customers, and hiring locally to support that infrastructure and our European customers.  This technical infrastructure will be in place by year end 2021 and will be locally staffed with EU-based operations and support by the middle of 2022. 

Of the many questions companies have when considering a move to the cloud, security sits at the top of the list. This white paper tells you how we protect your communications data.

What does this mean and why does it matter?

In addition to our compliance with privacy and security requirements, we are committed to providing complete peace of mind. All European customers will be deployed in our Europe resident infrastructures, which will host European customer data and support the provision of our services from within Europe.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • Data: Data will be stored in Europe, eliminating or minimising its transfer outside of Europe. Data sent out of Europe will be pseudonymised when possible. If you call someone outside of Europe, there will be call logs outside of Europe (we can’t prevent that).
  • Operations: All European infrastructure will have infrastructure support provided by European staff. This means that the maintenance of the European infrastructure will be performed by European personnel.
  • Support: All European Customers will have Europe or UK support teams to help with Tier 1, 2 and 3 support in Europe-working hours. This means that all support help during business hours, including support that may require access to your data, will be performed by European personnel.
  • Analytics Portal: Our industry leading Analytics Portal, providing complete visibility into your RingCentral usage and adoption across your organisation, will be collected, processed and stored in Europe.
  • Service Abuse and Fraud Management: Local European analysts will triage and address any Europe-related occurrences of service abuse and fraud, following our global industry leading practices. Call-logs may be accessed from the US for advanced service abuse detection, but will always be stored in Europe; they will be retained only if they are part of suspected service abuse or fraud.
  • Transparency/Government Data Access: We will continue to defend our customer’s data from improper access by any government: our Transparency Report will clearly state how many law enforcement requests we received in the previous year, from which countries, and which type of data we provided.

Taken altogether, this means that RingCentral is continuing to drive improvements to support local and global regulations and customer requirements, including the localisation of our operations and infrastructure in Europe, so that customer data is collected, processed and stored in Europe, customers are provided with in-Europe support teams, systems are managed by European personnel, and data is processed outside of Europe according to our Standard Contractual Clauses.

As a leader in unified cloud communications as a service and with customers and partners spread around the world, RingCentral has been committed to the best protection for the handling of data, no matter where that data is located.

It’s 2021 – Do you know where YOUR data is?

October is cybersecurity awareness month; read the latest tips and RingCentral’s plans for the future:

Originally published Oct 26, 2021, updated Jan 16, 2023

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