Pauline Cochrane and the Age of the Consumer

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Pauline Cochrane and the Age of the Consumer

The age of customer experience is in full swing, with many organisations realising that the only true way to differentiate themselves is through fantastic CX. The question of how to engage and delight the modern consumer is one that’s likely to be prevalent at the upcoming Call and Contact Centre Expo this March, where the Head of Research and Partnerships for CCA Global, Pauline Cochrane, will be discussing her views on the voice of the customer.

As a source for behind-the-scenes knowledge for many brands in the UC industry, the Call and Contact Centre Expo is one of the most popular must-see events of the year. To prepare you for just some of the things you can expect to see on stage, we thought we’d talk to some of the speakers lined up for the event.

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Getting to Know Pauline Cochrane

As the woman responsible for partnerships and research for CCA Global, Pauline Cochrane knows a thing or two about experience and relationships. CCA Global is a renowned body dedicated to the art and improvement of customer service. It represents and supports about 5,000 individuals from around 500 different companies of all shapes and sizes. “We work with everyone from Sky and Vodaphone, to small organisations and public-sector groups.”

The voice of the customer is loud, but are you listening? Click To Tweet

As a collective, CCA accounts for about 40% of all the customer service activity that takes place in the UK and Ireland, which means that the body has a unique insight into what’s happening in the age of CX.

In her speech, “The voice of the customer is loud, but are you listening?” Pauline plans to discuss the way that brands are being pushed to differentiate themselves according to the experiences they can offer. As new technologies like AI and virtual reality emerge to transform the way customers and brands interact, Pauline feels that businesses will need to learn how to hear what their clients really want from them.

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Are You Listening to the Customer Voice?

According to Pauline, one of the biggest issues that companies are facing today, and a problem that has persisted for the last 20 years, has been the question of how to get customer engagement right for a diverse range of modern consumers. “It’s becoming harder for organisations to get the conversation right as more platforms emerge to support consumer interactions. Many brands are still trying to make sense of all the new solutions available for engagement.”

Pauline will also be discussing how businesses can begin to understand what their chosen demographic is looking for in a contact centre environment, and how they can get context for their conversations from the data their agents are gathering each day. She’ll be looking at some of the results of the research that CCA has been conducting throughout the last year, as well as offering predictions on what might be relevant in the months ahead.

CCA is combining its knowledge with a leadership forum of about 48 organisations to consider strategies for the future of customer experience, and what brands need to do in the day-to-day service environment.


    As a member of CCA’s senior management team, she develops and manages CCA’s extensive and futures-focused annual research programme, including identifying critical trends and issues that will impact on future customer service delivery. She forges and fosters dynamic collaborative research partnerships with CCA’s Leadership Forum and other expert network groups as well as academic institutions, external consultants, and a range of partners from government-funded institutions to global corporations in diverse sectors including technology and outsourcing.

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