Q4 Innovation Round-Up: RingCentral Events, new AI capabilities & more

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As we step into the evolving workplace of 2024, RingCentral acknowledges the unique challenges organisations face today. From exhausted workforces to cost-cutting pressures and the accelerating wave of artificial intelligence and automation, we’re here to support you.

Our Q4 innovations reflect our commitment to helping businesses thrive in today’s complex work environment. They’re crafted to bring your workforce together, whether they’re global teams, sales, marketing, customer support agents, or frontline staff. Our goal is to ensure that every tool leads to increased efficiency and happier employees, resulting in happier customers. Let’s dive in:

1. Event planning and execution made simple with AI-powered RingCentral Events

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RingCentral Events (formerly Hopin Events) is our new events solution designed for creating professional-quality looking experiences (in an effortless way), yet highly engaging. New AI capabilities coming soon will help to simplify event management and free up time for event organisers.

Why RingCentral Events?

  1. AI-powered – simplify events with Q&A categorisation, AI-writer, and auto-generated smart clips for social media.
  2. Complete – run virtual, hybrid, and onsite events on one platform, with integrated registration analytics, and session tools. Integrate with 40+ apps and 5+ MarTech integrations.
  3. Personalised – customise the whole event experience, from content, to branding, to interactive tools.
  4. Trusted – run your events on a trusted platform that’s reliable and scales up to 100,000+ attendees.
  5. Best Value – No surprise costs with an unlimited events, attendee-based model, starting at £550 per year (for 100 attendees).

RingCentral Events: One event platform, endless potential

RingCentral Events is now globally available, with new AI capabilities coming early Q1 2024. Learn more about RingCentral Events here

2. Enhanced coaching, deal scoring, and win/loss insights with RingSense


We’re excited to showcase a series of significant RingSense for Sales enhancements, each one designed to redefine your sales strategy, streamline processes, and reduce deal cycle times:

  • Refined deal scoring capabilities: We’ve advanced our deal scoring algorithm to provide even more nuanced insight into pipeline health. Our improved system provides a granular analysis of deal progression, enabling you to identify opportunities and manage risks proactively, ensuring strategic and agile decision-making.
  • AI Coaching: Uses the power of AI to provide sellers with personalised, actionable feedback. By analysing customer sentiment and sales behaviours, the AI coach presents insightful recommendations to refine interactions and elevate customer engagement.
  • AI Win/Loss Analysis: Automates win/loss reporting by extracting essential data from sales conversations. This feature is designed to provide strategic insights into sales performance–driving efficiency and enhancing sales outcomes.

RingSense for Sales is now in controlled availability in the US, CA, UK, and AUS. Learn more about RingSense for Sales here

3. Frontline Worker Solutions: Elevate to mobile camera sharing with just a tap with Push to Show

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Transform your communication from just talking to instantly sharing. One tap, and your rear-view mobile camera springs to life, letting your team see exactly what you do.

Show as you tell to have real-time visibility and address issues immediately. For example,  manufacturing workers across warehouses and other sites can instantly share a live view of mechanical breakdowns with each other. This allows for quick troubleshooting and reducing downtime on the factory floor.  

Frontline Worker Solutions: Push to Show will soon be generally available in Q4’23 worldwide. Learn more about our Frontline Worker Solutions here

4. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing powered by RingCentral 


RingCentral Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams blends RingCentral’s world-class reliability and rich feature set into a completely native Teams telephony experience. Built, owned, and managed by RingCentral, it brings a reliable cloud phone, fax, and simpler administration, transforming Teams into a complete collaboration solution.

RingCentral Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is generally available worldwide. Learn more about RingCentral for Microsoft Teams here.

5. New AI features in RingCentral Webinar

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Introducing new AI-powered capabilities within RingCentral Webinar designed to increase engagement & inclusivity, with more to come! This quarter, with AI, you can now: 

  • Generate smart webinar descriptions: reduce the burden on webinar organisers to create descriptions from scratch. 
  • Automatically translate Q&A into different languages: so that audiences in different languages can easily understand each other

Smart descriptions and translation with RingCentral Webinar will be available by the end of Q4  in the US, CA, UK, and AUS. Learn more about RingCentral Webinar here.

6. Continued global expansion 


We’re excited to announce that we have expanded our reach to new territories with our Bring-Your-Own-Carrier (BYOC) solution in Bermuda and Indonesia.

This allows any multinationals with employees outside RingCentral’s natively supported countries to still use RingCentral MVP given there is a local carrier relationship.

BYOC in Bermuda and Indonesia is now generally available. Learn more about BYOC here.

Out with the old, in with the new 

The challenges of the past have set the stage for a future rich with innovation. And with advanced AI capabilities woven throughout the RingCentral ecosystem, we’re not just streamlining workflows; we’re anticipating needs and automating solutions. All in all, we’re ready to tackle whatever comes next in 2024. 

Don’t forget to bookmark our What’s New webpage quarterly to keep up with the latest and greatest!

Originally published Dec 22, 2023

Bryan Peddie


    Bryan is a Product Marketing Manager with experience in transforming the employee and customer journey across digital and physical channels in retailers and financial institutions. Bryan is responsible for the MVP product line, and the Global solutions for the international business.

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