Enabling a Mobile First Business Reality

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Mobile First Business

Today’s workplace is very different to that of a few years ago, primarily due to the increase in mobility. Without even looking at statistics, you can see it happening all around you. Modern workers perform a multitude of their job-related tasks on their mobile phones, from emails to reviewing documents and participating in online meetings. This raises the question: Why are mobile phones not considered a primary means of communication?

Complete business communications system

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Unified communications solutions for mobile

Mobile first has long been the model in Scandinavian countries, and to great success, so it’s no surprise that service providers throughout Europe are looking to leverage unified communications (UC) solutions to offer capabilities such as single number reach to their customers. Over-the-top or OTT communications is nothing new, WhatsApp and, to a lesser extent, Skype™ have been around for some time and are pretty much table stakes on most mobile devices out there. However great the user experience may be, these consumer apps are generally discouraged as a workplace tool, particularly by IT, as they provide little control. While this may be less of a concern for smaller businesses, it is paramount that the business can always be reached.

A single interface for telephony, UC, and collaboration

The key to embracing mobile as the primary means of communication in the workplace is to ensure three fundamental elements – great user experience, availability and security.

Mobile working
Easier communication and collaboration from a mobile device.

In a world where mobility and remote working are becoming the norm, it is crucial for workers to access their business communication and collaboration system from their mobile, at any time without having to be tied up to their desk or office environment. Combining telephony with UC and team collaboration on all channels and devices, especially mobile will truly give the modern workers all the tools they need in the palm of their hands in order to be more efficient, regardless of time or place. Businesses of all sizes and all industries are adopting solutions like RingCentral in order to equip all employees with the communication and collaboration tools they need to work in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment and provide them with a consistent experience across all channels.

The key to embracing mobile as the primary means of communication in the workplace is to ensure three fundamental elements – great user experience, availability and security. Click To Tweet

What about reliability? Well, this is really a non-issue because the adoption of LTE and 4G across Europe is going strong. This means more and more mobile voice traffic is carried over IP, so there isn’t a difference in reliability or availability.

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Mobile security and robust app control

What about security? RingCentral deploys best-of-breed, enterprise-grade security and since mobile devices are easily lost or stolen, our service is designed from the ground up to give administrators robust app control. These controls are particularly valuable with the RingCentral Mobile app, which provides telephony, web meetings, video conferencing and collaboration on smartphones and tablets. Administrators can instantly revoke the remote user’s access to the cloud network and thereby to customers contacts, CRM info and other corporate information.

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    Umesh is a Senior Sales Engineer at RingCentral in EMEA. He has been at the forefront of the telecoms industry for the past 15 years and is focused on transforming communication and collaboration to the cloud. Umesh has a wealth of experience having been fortunate to have lived and worked all over the world, currently he is based in London.

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