The Journey to a Connected Supply Chain

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Connected Supply Chain

Communication is key to the success of any supply chain, yet it remains one of the aspects most in need of improvement. Ultimately, while many things can impact the performance of a business, no brand can function well if connections between key stakeholders are broken or inconsistent. With the right communication tools available throughout the supply network, inefficiencies can be eliminated, problems can be solved, and new ideas can be brought to life.

A connected supply chain is one where visibility exists at every touchpoint. The more leaders in an organisation can see how a supply chain thrives and functions, the more they can optimise performance to improve time to market, increase customer satisfaction, and minimise cost. In some agile and fast-moving industries, like the fashion sector, a connected supply chain can even help brands to stay on top of current trends.

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Overcoming the challenges of supply chain management

Of course, running a connected supply chain isn’t always easy. Today’s companies source materials, products, and resources from locations around the world. This means that different time zones, communication tools, and connectivity strategies can lead to gaps in the communication journey. Fortunately, there are ways to streamline the supply chain for everyone involved.

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Companies acquire resources from around the world.

Modern communication and collaboration tools can allow for anywhere, anytime, and any device communication. The global versatility of the cloud ensures that everyone within a supply chain can access the same tools regardless of what their infrastructure might look like or which devices they prefer to use. With this one-platform approach to communication and collaboration, a buyer in England can send a message to a supplier in Asia and know that they’ll receive that notification in real time.

The inherent flexibility of a cloud solution ensures not only a better experience for every end user, but it can also keep things running quickly and smoothly in a global network Click To Tweet

Effective supply chain management is all about sharing information between dispersed groups and individuals and breaking down the walls in connectivity that are often erected by geographical borders.

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Flexible communication for a flexible supply chain

In a global supply chain, all participants won’t necessarily be active and at a desk at the same time. This can make it much harder to simultaneously connect with key stakeholders. Without the right tools, information can remain tied up in silos connected to a specific individual or application. This makes connectivity slower and less efficient and can even cause stagnation in the supply chain.

Supply chain collaboration
Cloud communications help bring your key stakeholders and teams working together.

The good news is that cloud communication and collaboration tools can help to break through these silos and join all the components of the supply chain together. With collaboration tools, companies gain access to instant messaging, file sharing, archiving, and even sometimes screen sharing capabilities that allow individuals and teams to work together efficiently regardless of time and space. Mobile connectivity ensures that the supply chain is more accessible for everyone involved.

An ecosystem on the cloud

Communication and collaboration tools can be linked to other important applications in the cloud, like emails, CRM, EP, inventory management systems, to ensure that everyone within a supply chain has access to the same efficient, connected ecosystem. The inherent flexibility of a cloud solution ensures not only a better experience for every end user, but it can also keep things running quickly and smoothly in a global network—reducing the time to market, a key competitive advantage for retailers.

When communication thrives in a supply chain, information flows freely from one end to the other, minimising risks and maximising potential.


    Stephanie is part of the Product Marketing team for RingCentral in EMEA. She is focusing on helping businesses in EMEA transition to cloud business communication and collaboration. She has spent the last 6 years in cloud software and communication industries. Stephanie is based in London, has a European background and is a keen traveller.

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