How UCaaS Can Save Local Councils Money

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The public sector is facing an incredible amount of pressure.

There’s more demand for support than ever before, yet the number of resources available is dwindling. Governments and councils are struggling to contend with rapidly reducing budgets. Many reports suggest that a lack of support is leaving councils at breaking point.

Fortunately, there are still solutions available. As populations increase and technology evolves, the public sector has an opportunity to transform. Taking advantage of the digital landscape will allow public services to support communities without haemorrhaging cash. This is particularly essential at a time when people are returning to work following the global pandemic.

Moving to the cloud

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS), or communications through the cloud, provides councils with access to the essential tools they need. With the cloud, today’s public sector bodies can support a massive number of employees while incurring minimal costs. The cloud minimises operational and capital costs while providing greater benefits like:

  • Improved collaboration and communication opportunities
  • Access to a variety of solutions for different working environments (remote and in-office)
  • Flexible scalability to add and remove features as needed

The cloud means that today’s councils can consolidate all of the services required for UC. Rather than spending a fortune on different capital investments, maintenance and rentals, everything you need is available in one space. Councils can instantly reduce procurement and budget challenges without compromising on the unique services required. With UCaaS, you’re free to choose and personalise the communication stack that suits your needs.

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Flexible and affordable communications

Communication has always been at the heart of the public sector. Teams need to be able to connect and discuss challenges in real-time. Employees need quick, easy and secure access to databases of services information. Departments need to maintain and share detailed information across jurisdictional boundaries. In short, council staff need an opportunity to deliver excellent support to local constituents. Unfortunately, when budgets are low, communication can suffer. Councils often need to save money on installation, maintenance, and upgrades of critical technology.

Fortunately, UCaaS delivers all of the tech a business needs to thrive, without compromising on reliability and security. Because the cloud can flex to suit you, there’s also endless opportunity for growth. As your business continues to evolve, you can support workers in remote environments as well as in the office.

With UCaaS, councils unlock the benefits of maintenance-free communication tools that constantly improve thanks to software updates and patches. As the demands of consumers change, the cloud also gives you the freedom to immediately unlock new capabilities too.

Save and grow with the cloud

UCaaS is the ultimate way for today’s public sector companies to unlock the professional communications they need. With UCaaS, you save money without compromising on fantastic performance. UCaaS also introduces new opportunities to improve the productivity of your workforce.

By delivering all the tools users need on a single pane of glass, UCaaS allows team members to respond more quickly to customer queries. The result is happier agents, more satisfied customers, and happier communities.

Restructuring a nation through technology: How UK businesses are facing a post-pandemic future

Originally published Jul 13, 2020


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