Homing in On Home Working at the 2018 Call & Contact Centre Expo

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Michael Gray from the UK Contact Centre Forum talks home working on his upcoming speech.

The Call & Contact Centre Expo is just around the corner, scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of March this year. Here at RingCentral, we’re proud to be supporting a collection of fantastic speakers talking about the upcoming transformations we can expect with new and improved technologies in the contact centre environment.

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Michael Gray, the CMO of the UK Contact Centre Forum, will be broaching the complex topic of remote working, and what a new age of digital communications could mean to the growing contact centre workforce.

Michael Gray and the workforce revolution

In the context of the upcoming Call & Contact Centre Expo speech, Michael Gray will be addressing his audience as a representative of the UK Contact Centre Forum, which is responsible for managing events for companies that want to learn more about communications solutions in the industry and network with like-minded professionals. The forum runs special-interest groups in the areas of home working, data security and compliance, digital transformation, and employee engagement.

In Michael’s opinion, running a contact centre successfully in the modern environment is all about investing in the right processes, people, and technology. “Technology is giving companies new ways to transform the contact centre into a multichannel solution for customer engagement.”

What does home working mean to the contact centre?

In his discussion, Michael will be touching on the changing nature of the multigenerational workforce, and how home workers are contributing to the contact centre space. After all, many brands are now building call centres in an environment that’s brimming with professionals from multiple disparate generations at once.

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This spread of generational input has led to a change in the way companies and customers communicate. “Twenty years ago, we just had standard call centres. Now, people expect to be able to communicate whenever is convenient to them, and on whatever device they choose. This puts a lot of pressure on the average business.” Interestingly, Michael notes that while the average call centre representative is around 27–28 years old (according to research performed by the UK Contact Centre Forum), the average profile of the home worker is for a 38-year-old professional.

Homeworking could deliver new skills to the call centre.

In his discussion on the rise of home working in the contact centre, Michael and guest speaker Darron Burness, Teleworking Operations Manager from the AA, will be delving into the opportunities that remote working can bring to contact centre communities. “Home working is popular among people who are prepared to trade the advantages of a full-time office job for a better work/life balance. It’s appealing to people who would never have considered working in a call centre before.”

The speech will also include an in-depth look at a real-life case study with the AA.

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    Michael is the Chief Marketing Officer at the UK Contact Centre Forum and runs the organisation’s HomeAgent Group – a special interest group that hosts regular industry roundtables and undertakes thought leadership market studies. He is a contact centre and unified communications specialist with extensive in-house and consultancy experience at Intel, iPortalis, Garlands Call Centres, Aspect Software, Nortel, IBM, O2 and other organisations.

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