Growing, Together: Life as a New Employee at RingCentral

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At RingCentral, teamwork is key. Without supporting one another, without a great team spirit and an innovative communications and collaboration platform, we simply would not be able to work with everyone, together. After onboarding a cadre of new hires at the Paris office across multiple departments in recent weeks, we asked them to reflect on how our platform and philosophy contributed to their induction, training, and empowerment to work remotely.

With our products and services, be it through collaborative communications or the digital transformation of companies, we facilitate the management of communication. That’s how we bring that close-knit spirit to our customers to help them thrive.

But that isn’t the only bridge we make easier to cross, as we greet each new hire with a warm welcome to help them feel part of the team. After all, effective and well-trained teams are what we encourage and enable daily through our products.

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A seamless onboarding

To help all new team members feel familiar with our products, services, and company culture, we deliver an induction process that offers a wonderful chance to meet and greet with each team to understand their roles and responsibilities. Overall, each new hire receives all the help, training, and information required for a seamless onboarding.

Normally, internal training and induction are held at the office, but on this occasion, it was delivered remotely in a smooth and quick fashion from different corners of the globe by our sales enablement team based in the UK.

Keeping employees connected

While most of our new co-workers arrived before work from home initiatives were put in place, that hasn’t changed the way we recruit at the company. We are continually drafting and onboarding new hires. We rely on our own technologies to keep employees connected through video conferences, team messaging, or phone calls. This innovative suite of communication tools was already in place and is easily accessible to new employees remotely.

There has been no need to pivot our hiring mindset as adaptability is ingrained in company culture. Measuring the performance of our teams and effectively managing them remotely has been simplified. After all, as a truly global organisation with offices in the US, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Russia, China, and the Philippines, we know what it takes to be connected, together across continents without borders.

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In fact, the number of remote workers is expected to reach 33 million across the EU and the USA by 2025 and in our current climate, that number has increased rapidly.

An exciting opportunity

Joining RingCentral has many benefits and the opportunity to meet individuals who are like-minded and driven in their daily work. Each person is welcomed through the doors of our offices and made to feel as comfortable as possible.

At the company, you will find an open and highly innovative team culture that’s dedicated to driving excellence and having a great time doing it. 

Consistently driving progress, innovation, and creativity, teams work swiftly with the shared goal of supporting people working together seamlessly.

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A Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader, RingCentral has an award-winning environment full of high-energy, team-oriented initiatives. The company is committed to presenting world-class service for its customers as a leading global cloud-based, communications provider.

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The company encourages career development and offers leadership training, education, workshops, and coaching for all employees. We are always on the lookout for team members with an entrepreneurial spark!

With flexible, cost-effective cloud communications and collaboration solutions, we have designed the ideal workplace, where work can be accomplished efficiently and effectively. 


Our new office in the 9th arrondissement of Paris shows the strategic importance of growth at RingCentral. Communications across all departments are committed to empowering businesses across the globe to work together.

So with our new hires onboard and settled in comfortably, why not take a moment to check out our current openings at the Paris office. We currently have openings in the areas of business development, technical support, sales engineering, legal, and more. Discover how you can become part of the team and enable customers to go digital.

Originally published May 06, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2023

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