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Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting? How it Works, Types, and Top Providers Until recently cloud computing was reserved for high-tech industries operating at the cutting edge of digital technology. These days, … Read more “Cloud Hosting”

Security Operations in RingCentral UK Blog

Security Operations

Security Operations: A Look at a Security Operations Centre (SOC) A Security Operations Centre is an advanced security function that assumes responsibility for an organisation’s entire cybersecurity strategy.  As society … Read more “Security Operations”

What is a CDN on RingCentral Glossary-475


What is a CDN? How Does a Content Delivery Network Actually Work?   You already know that content is king. Delivering high quality content that engages your customers is more … Read more “CDN”

Application Programming Interface definition


What is an API? The tech that allows your apps to talk to each other It sometimes seems that no matter what you do in the world of business, but … Read more “API”

Data Breach definition - RingCentral UK Blog

Data Breach

What is a Data Breach? Why They Happen And How to Prevent Them Data: It’s the lifeblood that runs through the veins of every type of business. It educates you … Read more “Data Breach”

RingCentral edge computing definition

Edge Computing

One of the most important aspects of any business is data. It informs everyday decisions, helps you plan for the future and keeps you ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, the … Read more “Edge Computing”