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Top Customer Experience (CX) Innovations: Summer 2023

Customer experience is critical to business success today. Companies that are doing it well in 2023 know one thing for…

6 months ago

Ask the Expert: How Can You Align AX and CX To Solve Queries at First Contact?

In the past few years, there have been many changes in customer behaviour and contact centres have had to adapt…

11 months ago

What is Phonetic Alphabet (NATO) and How it Improves Customer Service

As customer demands grow increasingly complex and the need for service excellence accelerates, contact centres and their agents are under…

12 months ago

Why Is an Agent-Centric Contact Centre Important?

Your agents are your contact centre’s biggest asset. So how do you recruit and retain the best people? It’s a…

1 year ago

3 Ways To Improve the Agent Experience and Reduce Contact Centre Turnover

Turnover has always been an integral part of call centre life, with an estimated rate of around 26% depending on…

1 year ago

Call Centre Recording and Its Benefits

  In this article, we will discuss: What is call centre recording? How it works Common types of call centre…

2 years ago

Calling Software for Call Centres: Everything You Need to Know

66% of customers typically resolve issues via phone support, making it an essential component of your customer service strategy. However,…

2 years ago

7 Ways to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

Reaching out to your customers is one of the most important parts of a sales strategy. Increasingly, customers expect to…

2 years ago

Call Centre Management: What It Is and 7 Best Practices

Call centre management isn’t easy, especially when it comes to keeping your employees and customers engaged and happy. Those in…

2 years ago

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