Why an Office Move Is the Best Time to Change Your Phone System

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There are many hurdles to consider when planning your company’s digital transformation strategy. Not only do you need to decide how you want to move to the cloud and which new technologies you want to embrace, but you also need to choose a time to roll out your phone system changes without disrupting your workforce.

Sometimes, the best way to keep company turmoil to a minimum is to introduce something new when your business is already in a state of disruption—for instance when you’re planning on moving offices.

Why change your phone system when moving to a new office?

Ultimately, an office move is a significant period of change for any business, but it’s also an opportunity to evaluate your current communications strategies and determine whether you’re using the solutions that are best for your employees. If you’ve been struggling with the restrictions of an outdated system for years, now is the perfect time to refresh your stack.

You may find that changing your approach to communications makes it much easier to implement the technology you need into your new office. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider changing your phone system as part of your move.

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1. Embrace simplicity

If you don’t want to deal with the stress and headaches of removing and relocating your existing communications infrastructure, why not consider transporting some of your technology into the cloud instead? Moving away from traditional PBX requirements and into a hosted VoIP environment not only gives you access to a more scalable and flexible communications solution, but it also simplifies your technology management tasks.

pabx system traditional phone

Moving a hosted VoIP phone system is nothing like moving a traditional PBX. There’s no hardware for you to move and maintain, and there’s no need to call out a technician to manage your on-site equipment. All you need to do is set your IP-based system up in your new location and get going.

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2. Evolve at speed

When you move to a cloud-based communications system at the same time you move to a new office, you can rest assured that you’ll be up and running quickly. There’s nothing to wire into your new location, and your system isn’t connected to a specific area, so your employees can even continue to work and accept calls on the go from their smartphones while your move is in progress.

With your VoIP solution, everyone will have access to their communications system immediately. You can even get your system set up before the move if you prefer and make sure that everyone’s comfortable with it before they settle into their new office.

3. Minimise costs

It’s no secret that the move to new premises can be an expensive experience. The fewer additional costs you have to pay for, like fees for transporting devices and setting up new equipment, the better off your business will be.

Moving to a cloud system as part of your transformation experience will help to keep costs down by removing the need for countless expensive elements like maintenance and hardware. Click To Tweet

Moving to a cloud system as part of your transformation experience will help to keep costs down by removing the need for countless expensive elements like maintenance and hardware. That means that there’s more money left over to put into comfy office chairs, new desks, and anything else you might need.

4. Mobility

Finally, once you’re set up with your cloud-based communications system, that’s it. There’s no need to worry about a complicated move ever again. If you want to set up a new office within a year, give your employees the freedom to work from home or set up a co-working space. You’re free to do everything with minimal cost and disruption.

The VoIP environment has a lot to offer. Why not take the opportunity to find out what you can accomplish with it during your next office move?

Originally published Dec 11, 2018, updated Jan 17, 2023

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