Are You Delivering Excellent Customer Service?

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RingCentral Call Centre Helper Spring Survey

People, process and technology are the three core elements of great contact centre performance. The Contact Centre Helper Spring Survey, in partnership with RingCentral, gives unique insights that show how contact centre centres are delivering exceptional customer service.

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Learn how contact centres are delivering exceptional customer service. Get the report

Read the comprehensive report to explore: 

  • What are the top two metrics contact centres are using to measure the performance of their customer service teams
  • Why are traditional surveys losing traction?
  • Why are contact centres still struggling to measure advisor performance? 
  • What are the most used metrics – and which metrics are most effective for the workforce management team?
  • What are the main pros and cons of average handling time (AHT)?
  • How has the attrition rate changed in the last 12 months? How can contact centres overcome it?

Contact centres are looking for less invasive ways to measure customer satisfaction, such as speech analytics and other forms of customer research. How is the CSAT and NPS in your contact centre?

Get the Metrics section of Call Centre Helper's Spring Survey report for free.

Originally published Feb 22, 2021, updated Jan 16, 2023

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