5 Tips for Staying Connected while Travelling

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Connected while travelling

If your employees spend a lot of time travelling around the world, securing new business opportunities and serving clients, then it’s important to make sure that they don’t feel isolated from the central office. As the digital workforce continues to evolve, employees that are out of sight don’t necessarily need to be out of mind. Today, there are various modern tools, such as those offered by RingCentral, that can help keep employees who are on-the-go in the loop.

Here are just some of the five ways that today’s agile employees can keep the finger on the pulse of their company while they’re travelling across cities, or overseas.

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1.    Schedule Regular Meetings

Meetings are an excellent way for workers on the move to stay connected to what’s happening inside the office. With RingCentral Meetings, employees can quickly and easily set up conferencing experiences where they can share files, speak to their colleagues and collaborate on-the-go.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that remote employees don’t feel isolated when they’re away from the office is to upgrade the average meeting experience with HD video. Through video conversations, travelling team members can maintain all the benefits of face-to-face interactions with their peers, no matter where they are.

2.    Support Constant Collaboration

“Collaboration” is becoming a crucial topic for businesses in every environment – and not just for workers who spend a lot of their time on the road. Today’s increasingly dispersed teams need a reliable environment where they can work together on projects and help each other to overcome complex challenges.

RingCentral Meetings allows users to maintain consistent productivity by sharing screens, whiteboards, presentations, and files in the cloud and local storage systems. Additionally, anyone can join a meeting and annotate the shared content in a collaboration session too. With chat and team collaboration tools like RingCentral Glip, it’s even possible for people to communicate with their peers in real-time, wherever they might be.

RingCentral Meetings allows users to maintain consistent productivity by sharing screens, whiteboards, presentations, and files in the cloud and local storage systems. Click To Tweet

3.    Make Sure Travelling Employees are Easy to Reach

byod for business travels

Employees that need to stay connected on the go need to make sure that they can maintain the same business number wherever they are. In other words, professional phone numbers can no longer be tethered to a specific office desk. In the world of the remote worker, phone numbers need to move with employees wherever they go, making them easier to reach.

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This demand for a single, transferable phone number will also become more essential in the years ahead as BYOD strategies become more appealing in the business environment. When employees can answer business calls on their personal devices, they can always stay connected.

4.    Embrace Visual Voicemail and Text Transcription

When team members are on the move, they don’t always have a place where they can sit down and listen to voicemails and messages from meetings that they may have missed. Travel can be a loud experience, particularly when you’re surrounded by the buzz of a train station or airport.

Simple features like RingCentral Visual voicemail and text transcription make it easier for employees to access the details they need in a more accessible format. They can instantly download a transcript onto their smartphone and pick out the most critical parts of the conversation while they’re on the go.

5.    Availability Across Borders

Finally, employees that travel frequently for work need to know that they can maintain the same quality of conversation with their peers and customers wherever they end up. With RingCentral global office, employees located around the world can all share the same secure communication networks, meaning that geographical borders no longer have an impact on your comms strategy.

Simply build your global office solution and make sure that your team members always have access to the quality of service they need to support and represent your business.

Originally published Dec 04, 2018, updated Mar 19, 2020

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