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Track KPIs, monitor agent performance and improve customer interactions

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Plan, observe, and manage your cloud contact center solution

Uncover patterns and relationships in your customer base and your workforce through predictive data mining unified on a single, integrated application. Discover up-to-the-minute metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) on a customizable dashboard and data platform to better inform business-critical decisions for contact center management. Utilize both predefined and custom reports to share analytics with your team and stakeholders for measurable change.

Set goals and monitor KPIs to improve call center workforce ROI

Collaborate through team messaging, identify leadership via KPI monitoring, and monitor call center agents in need of coaching. Provide supervisors with data sheets and reports that provide insight into their agent’s performance. Review historical call and screen recordings, and use forms to grade agent consistency.
improve call center workforce

Coach agents through listen, whisper, and barge-in features

Provide supervisors with call monitoring tools to help agents deliver the best possible customer experience. Individual quality monitoring and agent scoresheets allow you to appropriately schedule, deliver, and track coaching feedback for consistent performance and better employee engagement.

Track agent performance for better agent productivity

Track performance on dashboards from data collected via CRM, call recordings, automatic call distribution,  etc. to gain immediate feedback on how your agents measure up against one another. Identify pain points and gain insight regarding areas of improvement for individual agents like average handling time and high waiting time. Gamify the role with challenges and award agents with badges and prizes for team recognition and encouragement.
increase agent productivity
improve onboarding processes and workforce management

Improve the onboarding processes and workforce management

Continuously improve how you get new agents onboard by analyzing the resources, training courses, and other support needed by your current group of agents. Differentiate the needs of agents assigned to inbound calls from agents who will be using outbound dialers (manual or predictive dialer). Aside from call volume, your call center managers and supervisors get access to different work optimization data sheets and KPIs that will allow them to streamline how agents are deployed and scheduled.

Gain more insights with speech analytics

Dig deeper into your organization’s call center performance by analyzing the words, phrases, and even tone used when interacting with customers. Discover trends and areas of opportunity through a call center software that goes through all recorded calls. Get valuable information that helps you provide targeted coaching to your agents.
speech analytics
information on your computer or phone

Get the information you need on your computer or on your phone

Monitor all relevant call center metrics about your team’s individual agent performance from anywhere. See updated statistical information about calls in the interactive voice response (IVR) for call queue statistics, automatic call distribution (ACD) with skills-based call routing functions, and agent’s real-time status. Record calls or listen to live calls. This web-based cloud call center software dashboard can be accessed from both your computer and smartphone as long as you have an internet connection.

Improve customer experiences through better agent performance management

Curtail bad customer experiences by simply  having better agents. A lot of the worst customer interactions are caused by ill-prepared and badly coached contact center agents. Something as simple as equipping your call center managers and supervisors with expert tools to help them mold expert agents should give customer engagement a positive uptick.
improve customer experience

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