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Manage your workforce with actionable insights from workforce optimization (WFO) software

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Maximize efficiency, reduce costs

Easily integrate your workforce optimization (WFO) tool suite on a unified interface that assists you in implementing best practices for your entire workforce. Given the ability to schedule, train, and provide feedback based on performance insights and speech and text analytics, you will reduce wait and handling time for customers, improving operational efficiency and saving costs.

Aggregate valuable insights for quality assurance

Evaluate employee interactions and automate contact distribution based on workloads and performance rules. Set KPIs and track agent performance and aptitude on scoresheets to use when coaching your team. You will deliver a smoother experience for customers and be able to provide agents with personalized training based on individual skill set.
quality assurance
real-time tracking

Make business-critical decisions in real time

Identify keywords during voice and non-voice interactions (SMS, live chat, email, and social media) to discern disposition, identify opportunities, mitigate risk, and take action on customer interaction data. With speech and text analytics, you can quickly take apart unstructured data to identify and gauge how to meet your contact’s needs and expectations.

Drive results and motivate call center agents

Use gamification to motivate your team to stay focused and improve performance. Capture transparent feedback in your personalized dashboard to meet your business goals. Review KPIs, dashboards, and manage learning across your entire organization.
motivate your agents for better performance

Customer examples

What does workforce optimization mean?

Workforce optimization (WFO) is a set of business strategies that aims to improve employee efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. The goal is to achieve organizational success through workforce efficiency.

Organizations use WFO to make the right decisions and find balance within key performance metrics, such as customer satisfaction, service levels, and operational costs. You want to make sure your employees finish their tasks as quickly and effectively as possible.

The role of process automation in decision-making

By automating every relevant business process, WFO eliminates errors and streamlines decision-making, affording organizations with actionable insights they can use to enhance employee scheduling, workforce engagement, workforce planning, customer engagement, and overall business performance.

WFO is about gathering information and getting that information to the right people (e.g. workforce manager, quality manager, performance manager, engagement manager as well as systems integrators and government and public safety officials). These decision-makers need to come up with informed decisions using the data they have on hand. If an organization needs to improve customer satisfaction, they can turn to WFO, which helps generate forecasts and schedules to ensure the right staff are assigned at the right time.

Key workforce optimization strategies

  • Implementing time and attendance tracking software - Automate your time and attendance monitoring system to reduce errors and time wasted associated with manual time cards.
  • Monitor performance analytics - Confirm enterprise performance with insights into workforce efficiency and productivity. See which business processes work or need improvement.
  • Improve manager-employee communication - Simplify every managerial process using technology, whether it’s creating schedules with scheduling software or coaching staff to help improve agent performance. With tasks simplified, there is more time for direct communication between managers and employees.

What is workforce optimization in a contact center?

Workforce optimization transforms overall call center performance. If you have yet to explore the possibilities of WFO, you run the risk of lagging behind competitors who are committed to maximizing workforce efficiency and providing first-rate customer service. With access to WFO suites, you can:

Analyze every customer interaction

Stay ahead of the competition when you have visibility into customer preferences. With access to historical data covering customer interactions at every touch point, contact centers have the power to enhance customer experiences. This is why it’s important to ensure the quality of interactions between agents and clients.

Understand customer behavior

It’s important that agents consider customers’ priorities and pain points to prevent customer churn. Analyzing customer activities in the past and present helps organizations discover the cause of repeat customer contacts, accurately forecast and schedule agents, monitor schedule adherence, and more.

Elevate agent or employee skills

Make the most out of every human resource in your roster. Keep in mind that success doesn’t just bank on technology but also on agent productivity. When thinking of opportunities to improve call center performance, one must never neglect manpower.

WFO allows managers to monitor agent performance and share with them performance insights and satisfaction metrics to ensure their staff stays content with their work and committed to customer service. They can also provide coaching and training opportunities as necessary.

Along with workforce management solutions, WFO puts only the most qualified agents at the forefront of delivering the future of customer service.

What is workforce optimization software?

Workforce optimization software is an integrated platform for gathering and analyzing data related to employee performance and productivity. Business organizations turn to a WFO software solution that effectively integrates call recording and other technologies into a WFO suite that covers functions including but not limited to:

  • Recruitment and Training
  • Employee Coaching
  • Quality Monitoring and Quality Management
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Management (WFM)
  • Learning Management
  • Workforce Engagement Management
  • GDPR Compliance Management

What is the best workforce optimization software?

The best workforce optimization software is the one that effectively optimizes your workforce given your unique circumstances. It should address your specific needs and effect your intended business outcomes.

When choosing a contact center solution as crucial as WFO software, it’s important to acknowledge that each organization views workforce planning differently.

Start your search by listing down your priorities. Then, you can begin the research process:

  • Read every related white paper you see on the web.
  • Check out press releases from software companies.
  • Find out where certain WFO cloud platforms shine or falter.
  • Read customer stories, both customer success stories and tales of failure.

Then again, yours is a different customer story. For instance, you might find out that other software integrates better with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, computer telephony integration (CTI), and other systems crucial to your operations.

Let’s say your employee turnover rate is increasing, so you focus on beefing up your retention programs. Understanding that improving agent morale is just as important as creating excellent customer experiences, you make every effort to empower employees by implementing effective agent engagement activities.

In such a case, a WFO solution with powerful contact center analytics tools like customer interaction analytics should come in handy. Consider it a marketing automation tool that lets you gain actionable insights in every customer interaction, enabling you to make decisions and changes to a product, service, or business process based on voice of the customer, interactions recording, and other possible sources of information you can gather throughout the customer journey. By doing so, you are fostering ownership and accountability, which add to a deeper sense of employee engagement.

Advanced WFO solution to create high-performing contact centers

No matter your situation, you’d surely save more when you get your workforce optimization solution from a comprehensive call center software. RingCentral’s cloud contact center software stands above the rest. Talk to their experts and learn how the company is leveraging advanced contact center technology to help contact centers and businesses of all sizes succeed.

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