The Value of Change Management when Moving to the Cloud

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Change management moving to the cloud

The market for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is set to reach a value of $79.3 billion by 2024. Companies of all sizes, from all industries, are beginning to realise the benefits that come with moving their data and processes into an environment that’s flexible, scalable, and infinitely powerful. What’s more, with UCaaS, businesses can also enjoy the benefits of a cloud environment that doesn’t put additional pressure on their IT team and back-end infrastructure.

With the right UCaaS provider, you can:

  • Streamline collaboration and communication
  • Support remote and global workforce operations
  • Improve your hiring and staff management policies
  • Enhance customer and staff satisfaction
  • Reduce costs and drive better efficiency

However, there can be challenges to a technology that’s as revolutionary and transformative as the cloud. You need to figure out how to get your teams ready for the change. A transition like moving from on-premise environments into the cloud is a complex process that can turn your team upside down. Change management could be essential to streamlining the process.

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Why Change Management is Crucial to Cloud Migration

According to one study, 55% of organisations see change management as being pivotal to their business evolution. Only 4% of teams say that this process is irrelevant. Change management is a concept that refers to all of the critical best practices your organisation needs to follow to move from an existing on-premise infrastructure into the cloud.

Managing staff, applications, workloads, and services in a cloud space is different from relying on an on-premise environment. The differences in the way that you run your business are likely to have an impact on both your day-to-day operations and your teams. Change management is how you ensure that you can take advantages of the benefits that the cloud has to offer quickly, without worrying about things like excessive downtime and disruption.

The best rollouts for any new technology need to adopt a carefully planned approach, ensuring that teams have what it takes to continue performing at their best in their roles while the transition is underway.

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Working With the Right Team for Cloud Migration

A valuable cloud migration strategy uses change management in a multitude of different ways. For instance, the lead of a team might put guidelines in place that tell team members how to use the cloud and explain the benefits of moving processes into a hosted environment. A change management strategy may also include setting up training and mentoring solutions for people who are confused or concerned about adopting the cloud.

However, even if you start small with your cloud migration, the transformative effect of hosted technology can quickly skyrocket the innovation in your team, leading to the need for some extra help to keep your entire company aligned. A UCaaS provider with extensive experience in the cloud and migration spaces could be crucial in this situation. Teams like RingCentral can use extra background knowledge in the cloud, along with years of experience helping businesses to evolve to maximise ROI for your brand. Benefits of working with the right UCaaS team include:

  • Access to on-site training: UCaaS providers like RingCentral can work with your team on-site to make sure that everyone’s prepared to make the most out of the cloud.
  • Maximising user adoption: Your UCaaS vendor can help your team members to see the benefits of the cloud for themselves and boost your chances of adoption.
  • Ensuring optimum performance: RingCentral will assess your business environment and make sure that you’re set up to get the most out of the cloud.
  • Optimised deployment: With the help of the right UCaaS vendor, you can roll out the cloud using a strategy and pace that suits your unique environment and goals.

With the right UCaaS provider, change management in your cloud migration process becomes easier than ever – keeping disruption to a minimum. Contact RingCentral today to find out more.

Originally published Dec 19, 2019, updated Jan 17, 2023

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