Top 10 VoIP Articles of All Time

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Top VoIP articles

As more and more businesses embark on their digital transformation, we thought it might be useful to share the top VoIP articles that we believe could be of use to new VoIP users researching what VoIP is and what it can do.

With this in mind,

Here are 10 of the best articles we found that cover everything from how to implement VoIP to how to choose the right provider, plus what risks to look out for and what impact VoIP will have on the future of business. Click To Tweet

1. 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Business VoIP in the Next 6 Months

Providing high quality customer support

First up is a helpful article that offers a simplified, jargon-free list of the top three reasons why a business should consider investing in VoIP. Short and easy to read, the piece is a great article for anyone wanting a quick overview of what VoIP is and what benefits it can bring to a business.

Discovering the Potential of UC&C

Get started with VoIP

Learn everything you need to know about the rise of unified collaboration and communication.

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2. VoIP Network Security Protocols: Is VoIP Secure?

Next is this great article that tackles the issue of security with VoIP calling by informing the reader what the service can do to help improve their privacy and what threats may still occur. Incredibly useful for gaining better insight into what VoIP can offer, the article also lists a number of precautions businesses can take to ensure their VoIP services remain secure.

3. 3 Causes for Poor VoIP Call Quality and How to Fix Them

In this article, readers are given a list of the most common problems associated with VoIP along with a set of instructions on how to resolve them quickly and effectively to ensure disruption time is kept to a minimum.

4. The VoLTE Journey: From 488 Million to 3 Billion Subscribers by 2021

After that, we thought this article was a really helpful piece that explains where VoIP is heading in the future and how mobile VoIP will play a huge part in the businesses communications of tomorrow.

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5. Small Businesses Are Shifting Toward VoIP Solutions, Report Finds

Small business shifting towards VoIP communication solutions

For start-ups and SMEs, this article offers great insights into how VoIP can help support growth and give greater flexibility and scalability to smaller companies with limited resources. Great for businesses wanting to know how VoIP can help improve their communications, boost performance, and open up new opportunities without breaking the bank.

6. Business VoIP Buyer’s Guide: Top 10 Questions of 2017

For businesses looking to switch to VoIP but uncertain of where to begin, we thought this helpful VoIP Buyer’s Guide would be really helpful. It gives a detailed, step-by-step list of everything a business must do to find a VoIP solution that meets their needs and how to implement it successfully.

7. How to Implement VoIP for Your Start-Up

Another guide on how to implement VoIP telephony but aimed more specifically at start-ups and addressing the needs of their particular business type.

8. Best Mobile VoIP Apps for Businesses

Best mobile VoIP apps for business

Here is a really helpful article that offers a glimpse at some of the best enterprise VoIP applications to help improve communications in (and out of) the workplace.

9. How to Choose the Best VoIP Service Provider for Your Business

Targeted at new VoIP users who are unsure of where to begin or who to trust, this article offers a series of steps to help businesses make the right decision when searching for a suitable VoIP provider.

10. Best Business Phone Systems 2017

Best business phone system in 2017

Finally, we thought that a list of the best business VoIP phones systems of the year so far would be really helpful for any new business looking for tips on what to look for and what’s available in today’s market.

Originally published Dec 19, 2017, updated Jan 16, 2023

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