The Benefits of UCaaS for Startups

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As a fast-paced startup, the chances are you’re always looking for a way to gain an advantage over your competition. For some brands, that advantage will come in the form of lower costs for crucial supplies. For other businesses, the key to success might be investing in new technology and transformative tools.

One excellent solution for startups in the current digital landscape is to take some of the hard work off their plate by investing in unified communications as a service. UCaaS is a cloud-based strategy for accessing some of the latest and most innovative technology on the market. This cloud-first approach delivers scalability, agility, and flexibility in a world where startups need the same forward-thinking tools as their leading competitors.

What are the benefits of getting involved with UCaaS for today’s low-budget, but highly ambitious start-up brands? Let’s find out.

1.   Access to the Best Talent

access to best talent

There are few assets more critical to a startup brand than the right talent. Your employees are the people that will help you to convert your leads into paying customers. They’re also the intelligent individuals that will drive the transformation and growth of your product. With a UCaaS solution, like the option from RingCentral, companies can hire the best employees wherever they are.

This means that you no longer have to rely on working with the staff members that are right on your doorstep. Instead, you can hire people from around the world and give them access to the same tools that everyone in your office has. Because the service is available through the cloud, all your people need is an internet connection to get started.

2.  Future-Proofing


A UCaaS solution also gives businesses a future-proofed strategy to make sure that their collaboration and communication tools are consistently second-to-none. It’s likely your vendor will always be rolling out regular updates included in the cost of your service, so you can make the most of the best technology, without having to rip and replace old hardware every time an update comes out.

UCaaS means that you’ll always be on the cutting edge, with innovation included in the price of your subscription. Only the cloud can deliver that kind of forward-thinking flexibility.

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3.   Reduced Up-front Costs

Reduced Up-front Costs

For a startup, cost management is critical. The chances are that you won’t have a huge budget to work with, so every purchase you make needs to be cautiously planned. Spending the small amount of capital that you do have on expenses like on-premise communication equipment isn’t always the best idea. Instead, it may be much better to use a UCaaS solution to keep your CAPEX low and switch to OPEX.

Instead of making substantial up-front investment, UCaaS ensures that you can focus on managing reasonably monthly fees.

4.   Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

Running a startup is something that requires you to keep a number of plates spinning at once. Often, team members will need to take on many different roles. With that in mind, UCaaS can help your employees work more effectively together and get more done. With UCaaS tools, businesses can access back-end collaboration apps for instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing, to make working together easier.

Colleagues in a cloud-based environment can work together on projects even if they’re located in different spaces all across the globe. When you can use the same tools as your peers and connect in multiple ways, from voice to video, it’s much easier to be productive.

5.   Greater Reachability

Greater Reachability

Finally, when you’re just starting out in a business world, missing out on a call can also mean missing out on a sale. One lost sale can have a massive impact on your monthly revenue – making it harder for your business to compete. A cloud-based UCaaS solution ensures that you never miss out on a sales opportunity. Regardless of whether your on-the-move or in the office, you can ensure that you always get the calls you need with smart routing and mobile apps.

For instance, if you want to send a call to a colleague when you’re busy, your UCaaS tool can do that for you. It’s even possible to route a call straight to a different location.

Setting up a successful startup can be a challenging and draining experience, but with UCaaS you can ensure you have the best possible chances of success.

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Originally published Jul 23, 2020, updated Jan 17, 2023

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