Spring Forward and Keep Supporting Employees

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As with many things, the pandemic continues to affect the activities and services we normally turn to. From book clubs to financial advice and groups dedicated to specific needs and causes. This is why virtual networks, employee resources and even hobby-related groups have become part and parcel of this new life we’re living. 

Throughout 2021, we must continue to think of new initiatives to ensure employees have someone (or many people) to connect with. Whether they are going through something emotionally draining or need some advice on how to help with stress, we try our best to have a group, event, or resource there to help.

April has been no different. Let’s run through everything that’s been going on so far.

The fight against homelessness

On the 1st of April, RingCentral supported CEO Sleepout. CEO Sleepout is a charity that tackles homelessness and poverty in the UK. It relies on funds raised by businesses and community leaders. Everyone who took part helped the charity exceed its fundraising target, raising a total of £35,500. 

Autism awareness

During Autism Acceptance Month in April, we wanted to raise awareness of the need to enhance opportunities for those living with autism in our community. On 14th April, our Help and Understanding Group (HUGS), which supports parents and caregivers of special needs individuals, hosted a webinar to raise awareness of autism. During the webinar ‘Never Change to Conform’, we heard from our own Ben Purton, Alex De Luca and Lauren Troche. 

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Stephen Lawrence day

On 21st April, we held a gathering for Stephen Lawrence day in support of our black community in the UK. Members of the RingCentral BE@R employee resource group – Emmanuel Ayemoba, Melodie Smite, Kitson Locke, Alwayne Powell and Solenne Thomas – hosted a webinar to reflect on this annual national day of remembrance. 

This day commemorates the life of Stephen Lawrence, who was murdered in a racially motivated attack in 1993. Lawrence’s death marked a watershed moment in cultural life and race relations in the UK. Since 1993, wide-ranging changes have been made to policing and the law thanks to the tireless efforts of Lawrence’s parents, Baroness Doreen Lawrence and Neville Lawrence.

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Celebrating talent in the business

At RingCentral, we dedicate many webinars and groups to specific needs. With that said, it’s also often top of our list to have a bit of fun. As a celebration to mark the end of the first quarter, we hosted our first RingCentral UK R’Oscars on 23rd April. We enjoyed a stellar performance from our music guest-star Benjamin Hunter and recognised 15 of our colleagues. Here is the official winners list:

  • The Fire Extinguisher – Shaun Spivak
  • Think In Emoji – Colin Finn
  • Do It For the LinkedIn – Ben Purton
  • The Toolbox – Manny Ayemoba
  • The Entrepreneur – Niall Carter
  • The Coffee Pot – Katie Lyon
  • Never Too Early for Happy Hour – Mags Deogun
  • The Shooting Star – Emma Westland
  • The Comedian – Ross Reeves
  • The Culture Warrior – Jason Allen Lane
  • Exceptional Listener – Jason Zammit
  • Exceptional Feedback – Steward Donnor
  • Coaching Champion – John Carson
  • Living By Our Values – Maria Drake
  • The Driving Success – Louise Newbury-Smith

What’s next?

As we move into the warmer months of the year, it can feel like a bit of relief. While signs of spring and summer arriving do bring about feelings of hope, we need to continue supporting employees just as we have through the winter. Every day I look for inspiration to see how we can reimagine life in the office. Please let me know any ideas you have in the comments. 

Watch this space to hear about all the activities we have coming up in May.

Originally published Apr 27, 2021, updated Jan 16, 2023

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