The Rise of Collaborative Communications

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Rise of collaborative communications

The sheer volume of the communications that we manage in today’s environment is greater than it’s ever been. Combine that with the speed of the digital landscape, and the ever-changing demands of today’s customers and companies everywhere are seeing one of the most transformational eras in history.

The good news is that the new environment is beginning to foster stronger ways of working and more innovative business models among organisations willing to embrace the future. Sahil Rekhi, the Managing Director for EMEA at RingCentral, will be hosting a session covering the changing nature of collaborative communications between 13:40 and 14:10 on Thursday, 4 October this year.

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What to expect from the session

Sahil Rekhi, Managing Director, RingCentral EMEA
Sahil Rekhi,
Managing Director, RingCentral EMEA

Sahil’s session at IP Expo will be covering the rising demand for collaboration in the current market and exploring what’s truly enabling collaboration, from cloud and mobility to customer experience.

“Today’s companies are looking for ways to help employees become more structured and focused in their work. In a world where attention span is waning, businesses need to think carefully about how they can eliminate distraction, remove app overload, and empower their staff with unified information across the workforce,” Sahil said.

Following a new UK survey into the use of communications and collaboration apps among UK business, Sahil’s talk will cover insights from the reports, as well as his own comments on the fragmented nature of communication in the modern work environment and what organisations can do to bring an end to this siloed workforce.

Bringing greater focus into the workforce

Sahil’s session at IP Expo will discuss actionable ways in which modern businesses can bring more focus into the workplace by embracing collaborative communication cohesively. The session will cover how organisations are currently overcoming these current challenges from an IT and communications perspective and which innovative technologies are available to streamline collaboration.

“It’s a two-way street right now. Businesses need these tools to help their employees do their best work, but the workforce also demands resources that are mobile, consistent, and innovative to help them access their full potential. The demand for these tools is so significant that teams are beginning to source their own solutions, leaving IT groups to deal with multiple applications throughout the working environment,” he said.

Sahil believes that the future of collaborative success is about bringing everything together in a consolidated approach that eliminates confusion and clutter and drives performance for businesses.

Businesses need these tools to help their employees do their best work, but the workforce also demands resources that are mobile, consistent, and innovative to help them access their full potential. Click To Tweet

“Ultimately, people want rich communication that’s collaborative in style, and open to integrations. It’s not just about internal communication either, it’s about external communication too, and maintaining the same consistent experience in every channel. Email hasn’t evolved to solve these problems; businesses need something new.”

The key takeaways from the session

During the session, attendees will learn how collaborative communications is becoming increasingly popular and how they can tap into the real benefits it can bring.

“There has been a fundamental change in the way organisations work, which is driving the rise of collaborative communications. To deliver on this new reality, there needs to be a change in the way that organisations approach these current transformations. My advice to businesses of all sizes is that anyone can benefit from collaboration. All you need to do is find the right path to align your tools to the needs of your business,” Sahil said.

Originally published Sep 20, 2018, updated Jan 16, 2023

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