Ringside: Insider Interview with Daniel Yin

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Ringside Insider Interview with Daniel Yin

In this series of posts, we’re talking to our own leaders to get insights into the challenges and solutions of the telecommunications industry.

Today we turn to Daniel Yin, Head of Product and Innovation RingCentral EMEA. Daniel has spent over ten years in the cloud software and communications industry, holding positions in engineering, operations and product management, helping companies succeed by developing innovative communication solutions.

At RingCentral, Daniel has spent his career helping transform the way businesses communicate and has launched RingCentral’s unified communications and contact centre products into Europe and beyond.

Daniel, what’s your role at RingCentral and what do you love about your job?

As Head of Innovation EMEA, I explore the potential of game-changing technologies like AI to build truly revolutionary communications products, with a goal of turning these concepts into real, practical tools. One of the most exciting things about working at RingCentral is our relentless pursuit of innovation – we’re constantly working on what new ideas will truly help businesses communicate. It’s great to be part of a dynamic organisation that’s consistently on the forefront of driving communication technology innovation, with a massive R&D team backing those efforts. It’s also extremely rewarding to work with customers as they take up new technologies – not only when they succeed but also to understand what they feed back to drive us to improve.

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In what ways has business communications changed over your career?

I’ve worked in the Business and Cloud Communications space for over a decade, and right now is the period of strongest growth I have seen across that time. It seems like we’ve hit the perfect storm of conditions to enable Cloud Communications products to succeed: business and consumer access networks have become high grade and high bandwidth, mobile technology is ubiquitous, cloud architecture has become commonplace and well accepted. Over my career, Cloud Communications have gone from being a viable contender to the first-choice option. We have also started to see the decline of the largest legacy communication providers, further strengthening that position – as RingCentral are fond of saying – “The Cloud is Winning. RingCentral Is Winning in the Cloud!”

There's a massive productivity and UX benefit from having all your conversations, files, links, messages – searchable, viewable, and more – all from one app, that follows you across any device or platform. Click To Tweet

How do the tools RingCentral provides help in your job?

We live and breathe our own products at RingCentral. The biggest shift that I have made is in fully embracing a collaborative environment as the primary mode of communication. No more email trails (or at least fewer!), Whatsapp messages and ad-hoc personal mobile calls. There’s a massive productivity and UX benefit from having all your conversations, files, links, messages – searchable, viewable, and more – all from one app, that follows you across any device or platform.

As we wave Daniel through the door of productivity, we invite you to send us comments or questions about the topics discussed. What is your advice for the future of business communications? If there are topics you’d like to hear more about, feel free to send in your questions or points for discussion. In the meantime, look out for more episodes in this series of Ringside. 

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Originally published Jan 23, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2023

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