When Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud, What Happens to Your Telephony Service?

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As companies search for more flexible and reliable opportunities to expand their customer experience strategies, a cloud-based contact centre is becoming increasingly valuable. In the cloud, your contact centre can expand and evolve to suit you. There’s no need to worry about investing in piles of new hardware every time you need an upgrade. Features and solutions can be added to your contact centre at the touch of a button.

Today, around 1.54 million people work from home for their main career. This highlights another crucial benefit of cloud contact centres – a new opportunity to work from any environment.

However, talking about moving to the cloud and making the transition are two very different things. You’ll need to think carefully about your telephony system, and how it’s going to change in this new environment.

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Protecting Your Contact Centre

When making the move to a cloud-based contact centre, businesses must ensure that they’re getting the flexibility and scalability they need, without compromising on quality. This is your chance to ensure you’re working with a vendor that can deliver everything you need for an incredible performance.

Selecting a vendor that can offer contact centre solutions as a service, as well as reliable global telephony, has big advantages. It means you only need to deal with one bill when you’re rolling your contact centre system out around the globe. What’s more, you can ensure that your central telephone number stays the same, even when your agents are working from home from around the world.

Choosing the right contact centre and telephony solution means you can benefit from:

  • Easier call forwarding: Even if your agents and supervisors are working in different locations, you can ensure that you have the right routing strategy in place.
  • Collaboration and support: With team messaging tools like RingCentral Glip, agents and supervisors can stay connected and updated at all times.
  • Simple quality management: You can track all of your telephony assets and their quality of service in the same combined environment.
  • Faster rollout: IT doesn’t need to set up phones; agents can instantly self-activate  cloud desk phones, even in remote locations or ad hoc call centres.
  • Big cost savings: Agents using mobile phones with a mobile app, or remote computers running a softphone application, they can function as if the primary contact centre location was fully functional. This happens through the connected network, so agents are not charged using their own phones calling customers.
  • Better integration of call service: When choosing your cloud contact centre as well as your cloud telephony service from the same vendor, you will benefit from the best call integration possible. A simplified user interface for agents allows a better and more streamlined workflow for more effective customer care. 
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Creating the Perfect Cloud Contact Centre

While it’s easy for some businesses to worry about the changes that could occur to their telephony service when they’re making a move to the cloud, the truth is that the benefits are much bigger than you’d think. Cloud contact centres don’t just save money for growing businesses; they open the door to endless evolutionary opportunities too.

With the right cloud contact centre and telephony solution, you can combine all of your communication strategies into a single, more productive environment. There’s even the option to create expert subject matter groups through your collaboration tool on the back-end, helping agents to solve complex cases quicker, and get help quickly when they can’t immediately answer a request.

All the while, with the cloud solution, you can maintain a deeper level of control over the costs of your telephony system. You may be able to eliminate the expenses of hardware entirely by allowing people to use their own devices. What’s more, agents won’t be forced to use mobile phone contracts, because they can access the same centrally managed and billed system for VoIP.

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Originally published May 06, 2020, updated Apr 10, 2023

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