Let’s Keep Talking: Why We Should Always Make Time To Connect

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It’s easy to think that (as individuals) we haven’t got the influence to make a change. But lots of what we see as small conversations and actions can make a huge difference, which couldn’t be more relevant today. 

This year, so many of us struggle with the restrictions placed on our lives. Research is telling us some of what we already know – COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the UK workforce’s mental and physical health. Just under half of UK employees are now working from home and while 53% prefer it over going into the office, one in three are neglecting their mental health

Keep conversation open

Staying connected and talking to each other is a small action, but it does have an impact. This is why at RingCentral UK we’re organising even more initiatives than before and are always looking for ideas to help employees understand they can open up if they feel comfortable doing so. We also know that running charitable activities gives us a chance to feel close to each other despite everything going on around us. 

I’d like to tell you about some of the things we are doing to support our colleagues, keep the conversation about mental health going and provide opportunities for people to connect as we get further into 2021. 

To start, we kicked off our partnership with Headspace ahead of Time to Talk Day. This mindfulness app equips people with everything they need to begin meditating and do workouts that help with awareness and mental stress. We’ve also continued our series of mental health workout webinars. On top of this, our managers and team leaders have taken part in training around mental health to create awareness and learn effective management techniques. 

Bring everyone together virtually

Earlier, I spoke about how, even as individuals, we can make a significant impact. This is why on Friday 5th February, we’ll reflect on Captain Tom Moore’s life during our weekly company meeting and donate to his foundation. Captain Moore was an inspiration for the nation during difficult times, and his actions prove that even one person can make a difference for millions of people. 

Nick Hollis, a Seven Summiteer, will join us as a motivational speaker on 10th February. He will be sharing lessons and techniques from his experience managing extreme survival situations to inspiring other people to push their limits and achieve their own goals. On Friday 12th February (with Valentine’s Day just around the corner) we’ll be bringing everyone together virtually in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Our colleagues Danny Gunter, Mike Conlon and Yves Desmet, will be speaking and as part of the meeting, we will be donating to the BHF through our internal giving platform. 

We are also pleased to say we’ll be joining forces virtually to support the charity CEO Sleepout for the third time and will be using our platform to share experiences of sleeping rough. This charity tackles homelessness and poverty in the UK and relies on the funds raised by businesses and community leaders. 

Finally, this month we’ll be creating our first newsletter for EMEA and RingCentral UK teams will be working together to prepare for our national Employee Experience Awards. Both our newsletter and the awards will give us another opportunity to celebrate the brilliant work going on across our offices. 

We have plenty more initiatives coming up throughout the year, but I always keep my eyes peeled for inspiration from other organisations and individuals. If you have any ideas, please let us know in the comments!

Originally published Feb 04, 2021, updated Jan 16, 2023

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