How to Use RingCentral to Start Your Business Working Remotely, Part 3

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This is the final instalment in the series of how to use RingCentral to start your business working remotely. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, it’s probably better to start there. If not, let’s jump straight into the visual walkthroughs.

Useful How-To Guides, Continued

Managing call queues

This video shows you how to use the admin interface to manage call queues.

From the admin interface, click Groups to open the dropdown menu, then click Call queues. From here, you can set up interrupt prompts. In this section, under Calling handling and menus, you can manage agents that are on a particular call queue to reallocate resources to meet demand.

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Call forwarding

This video show you how to forward calls to mobile devices.

From the admin interface, click Users in the top menu, which displays your list of users. Click on a user’s name, which opens up a menu for further actions. Under Call Forwarding & Handling, you can manage the routing and forwarding options for that user.

Uploading users in bulk

This video walks you through using the function to bulk upload users into the admin portal.

Make sure the function to ‘bulk upload’ is ticked in the admin interface. 

To bulk upload, in the admin interface click Users and then Unassigned extensions. From here, you’ll have several options to add users to unassigned extensions.


This video shows you how to access analytics to monitor call performance.

From the admin interface, click Analytics to go to the analytics page. There’s a wealth of data to be found here, from usage and adoption to performance and inbound call rates.

Managing remote teams

Finally, if you’re managing a remote team, this video shows you how the RingCentral app can help you do that.

If you’re setting up remote working for yourself or your team, you can find lots more helpful information in our Remote Working Resources Hub, on topics from infrastructure to self-management. Blogs, webinars, guides – pick the medium that works for you.

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Originally published Apr 23, 2020, updated Jan 17, 2023

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