How to Create a Business Case for a New Cloud Phone System

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Business case for new cloud phone system

The market for cloud communications is growing at an incredible pace. The cloud PBX space alone is expected to be worth at least $20.83 million by the end of 2023, with a CAGR of 13.2%. However, even with all this growth, some technology buyers are still having a hard time developing a business case for the adoption of a cloud strategy.

Convincing a CEO to make the switch from an existing legacy phone system into the cloud isn’t always easy. While the cloud has a lot of benefits to offer, including scalability, innovation, and even better cost savings, many companies have already invested a great deal of money into their existing technology. Buyers need a way to convince their CEOs and executives that the cloud transition is the best way forward for their business.

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Highlighting the Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Often the easiest ways to convince a CEO to explore a new solution is to help them visualise the potential benefits that come from the transition. For instance, a cloud-based phone system can help today’s companies to avoid a number of potential roadblocks for growth while taking advantage of endless new opportunities. With a cloud-based phone system like RingCentral Office, teams can:

  • Avoid common maintenance problems: Because everything is based on the cloud, there’s no need for things like initial hardware investments, expensive repairs or even extended downtime while machines are upgraded. There’s no demand to chase down replacement parts, and the risk of system failures is minimised.
  • Scale and grow with ease: Scalability is one of the biggest benefits of moving to the cloud. Adding and managing system users is a breeze through an all-in-one cloud-based interface. What’s more, a robust software base provides incredible flexibility as the needs of the business continue to change.
  • Simplify disaster recovery: If anything does go wrong with your technology system, it’s much easier to recover from a disaster with a cloud-based system where everything is backed up online. What’s more, most UCaaS providers also offer a guaranteed uptime in your SLA for absolute peace of mind.
  • Explore new opportunities: With cloud phone systems, business leaders can manage their mobile and remote workers with as much simplicity as managing office workers. Everyone stays connected and productive with a complete suite of web-based tools.
  • Create more flexibility: On the cloud, businesses can offer a ‘bring your own device’ solution for phone systems, maintain their existing phone numbers, and more – wherever their teams are located. What’s more, you can control all of your communication channels through the same platform, making communication management simple.
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Using the Cloud to Future-Proof Business

The cloud phone environment gives modern businesses everything they need to take advantage of next-generation communication solutions. Whether you’re looking for call reporting and recording features, shared voicemail, automated dialing, or wall-boards for real-time reporting, there’s sure to be a UCaaS offering that works for you.

With the right cloud-based phone system, like RingCentral Office, you can even cut down on the stress of having to subscribe to multiple vendors to access overlapping technology. With the cloud, companies can spend less time supporting their phone systems and more time investing in new opportunities and growth.

Now that BT will be shutting down support for ISDN in 2020, and switching it off in 2025, there’s never been a better time to start planning your journey to the cloud.

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Originally published Dec 03, 2019, updated Jan 17, 2023

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