Going on Holiday Soon? This Simple Phone Trick Will Keep Your Business Moving

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You certainly deserve a break. After all, we’re working longer hours than ever, with more meetings in our calendars compared to before the pandemic. Luckily, the summer holidays are right around the corner and we’re due for some well-deserved downtime.

But just because you are on holiday it doesn’t mean your phone stops ringing. Your customers, partners and employees still might need to reach you. 

At RingCentral, we make it easy to empower your employees to take the time off they deserve while keeping everything moving. That’s where call forwarding for your business phone comes in.

We’re excited to announce that you can now forward all your business calls to another extension, voicemail or shared line with a single click when going on a break or on holiday. Think of it like an “out-of-office assistant” for your business phone.

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How to forward all calls with 1 click


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Similar to out-of-office auto-reply emails, your RingCentral phone can automatically forward your calls for you. This is available on both mobile and desktop.

You can forward calls to any of the following:

  • Voicemail box
  • Announcement message
  • Another extension
  • Coworker
  • Main company phone line

Shows how to pick destination of forwarded call

You can even select optional start/end dates and times so calls are forwarded based on your exact needs. 

This feature is currently available in beta and will be generally available soon.


Why should you forward calls?

1. Away from work

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When you take an extended break from work (PTO, holiday, health), chances are you set auto-reply messages for all incoming emails. Your callers deserve the same treatment.  

In RingCentral, incoming calls can be forwarded to an announcement, voicemail, co-worker, call queue, shared line, IVR menu and more. A banner will show when call forwarding is enabled on your desktop and mobile apps.

2. Going on a break

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Phone calls come in even when you’re on a quick break. Think of a time you had to answer an important call on your cell phone while out on lunch.

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With RingCentral, you can enable call forwarding on your desktop before you head out or on your mobile device as you’re walking out. We give you the flexibility to work your way.

3. Crunch time

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Let’s say you’re working on an urgent, heads-down project and need total concentration for several days in a row. 

With our one-click call forwarding toggle, you can create your own “do not disturb” mode with your business phone by forwarding your calls to a colleague or voicemail. 

Whether it’s crunch time at the end of a quarter, preparing for a big strategy meeting or being fully present with your onsite staff, call forwarding ensures you can focus on more important matters.

4. Attending industry and customer events

If your role requires you to attend industry exhibitions, customer visits or even to simply manage your day-to-day responsibilities while also being fully present with attendees is a massive undertaking.

call forwarding banner on a mobile device

If your role requires you to attend industry exhibitions or customer visits then with one-click call forwarding, you can forward your business calls to a colleague while you focus on the people in front of you. And if you’re expecting an important customer call, this is the best way to ensure that they get the help they need promptly. 

The service your callers deserve

Our increasingly busy schedules mean that you can’t always be there to answer the phone. But your callers still deserve the best service you can offer.

We built 1-click call forwarding to simplify your business phone and eliminate the barriers to outstanding customer service. The best part? You and your teams can take care of callers even in your upcoming time off.

Go ahead. You deserve it.


Originally published Jul 19, 2022, updated Aug 17, 2022


    Ashima Bhatt is the Director of Product Marketing for RingCentral’s core Message, Video, Phone product offering. She uses RingCentral as a platform to share with the world how to connect people in meaningful and compelling ways to build forward.

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