10 Best Facetime Alternatives To Help Your Business Succeed

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The Facetime Alternative in RingCentral UK Blog

Video calling and video chat is now a huge part of everyday life for businesses, regardless of size or industry. Members of teams that work remotely need to foster meaningful work relationships and efficient collaboration. Live video is the best medium to facilitate connections and enhance business continuity. 

Facetime is all well and good for informal, free of charge video calls on Apple devices. But for business purposes, smooth video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities require a different approach. 

If your business has been using Facetime up until now, but you’re frustrated with the limited capacity of only 32 devices per meeting, it’s time for an alternative (and preferably one that works with Android devices, rather than just iPhones). 

Our 10 handpicked Facetime alternatives

What follows are ten of the best handpicked Facetime alternatives on the market today. Check out the features of each video conferencing solution to determine the best option for your business needs.


Kicking off with RingCentral (sorry, not sorry), the intuitive platform offers HD video calling for those businesses that are not open to negotiation when it comes to video quality. Running on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the collaboration features are second to none. 

RingCentral’s core pricing plans exist to suit various business models in four different formats, with a free trial for new subscribers and a discount for annual payments. 

Key features: 

  • Team instant messaging app, collaboration and chat tools
  • McAfee’s CloudTrust highest rating
  • Compliance and privacy controls 
  • Call and meeting recording with cloud storage
  • In-conference text chat
  • File sharing, storage and annotation
  • Screen share with annotations
  • No-download video conferencing for guests
  • One-to-one and group chat capabilities 
  • 24-hour meeting duration 

Compatibilities: Android, iOS, Web


The RingCentral Platfrom use in Apple


Ideal for: companies that need effective collaboration features including video messages, group video calls and an easy to use the messenger app. 

The cloud-based software delivers a central hub for all team members to manage schedules and tasks, share and store files and chat easily. This can be achieved seamlessly, regardless of whether team members use Apple or Android devices, and from any location. 

Most people process ideas and information in a visual way, so video conferencing with built-in screen sharing and annotation features allow all team members to be fully involved in communications. 


Offering a simple live video chat service, GoogleDuo works by connecting phone numbers to each participant. As a free cross-platform app, GoogleDuo can be used by iOS and Android users alike, as well as smart displays like Google Nest Hub Max. 

Key features:

  • Seamless live video chat
  • One-to-one calls with Duo users 
  • Knock Knock (view callers before accepting calls)
  • Video messages
  • Fun animations, filters and stickers 
  • Multi-platform capabilities 

Compatibilities: Android, iOS, Web

Ideal for: businesses that need to run meetings with smaller numbers of participants, as GoogleDuo offers group call functionalities for up to 32 people. Bear in mind that features don’t screen sharing if your business requires this functionality. 

Flexible apps like GoogleDuo enable staff members to join the workplace conversation from any location and empower them to control their daily routines. This method of working can lead to increased talent retention and minimal business disruption. 


JusTalk is a free chat app with in-app purchases and delivers what it says on the tin. Good quality video calling and video chat functionality, together with image sharing if required. Up to 50 members are included in JusTalk’s group calls. 


A busy woman working from hybrid work setup


Key features:

  • High-quality HD video calling 
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Image sharing
  • Smooth video under Wifi, 3G and 4G connections
  • Download video chat in all countries 
  • Cross-platform capabilities 

Compatibilities: Android, iOS 

Ideal for: companies that trade globally that want a quick communications solution with an ample number of video call attendees. 

Because JustTalk is downloadable in any country, there are no restrictions on chat features or collaboration opportunities.   


When you think about video conferencing apps, Skype is probably one of the first that springs to mind. Acquired by Microsoft back in 2011 to replace Windows Live Messenger, Skype works as well on Android devices as Windows phones today. 

Providing the facility to buy minutes to call both landline and mobile phone numbers, Skype’s in-app messaging function includes text message capabilities on both PC and Mac devices. 

Skype also offers a paid version called Skype for Business with features such as integration into Microsoft 365, file-sharing and team messaging.  

Key features:

  • Stable video calling 
  • Personalised video link URLs
  • Whiteboards, polls and Q&A features
  • Encrypted video and audio stream
  • Security features 
  • Secure bandwidth
  • Call quality monitoring 
  • Unlimited meetings on paid version 

Compatibilities: Android, iOS, Web, macOS

Ideal for: multi-faceted businesses that need the full business video call communications package. 

Skype’s unlimited meetings capability is a boon for businesses that require longer meetings with no time caps. 


Forward-thinking businesses know if their target audience uses Snapchat, and therefore can take advantage of this medium to connect with customers. Snapchat offers a wealth of opportunities for advertisements with super tailored and targeted campaigns. 

Snapchat offers video chats with up to 16 people, as well as AR features and live filters. 

Key features:

  • Targeted ads
  • Branded filters
  • Geotags
  • Enhanced video and audio chat
  • Live video calls 

Compatibilities: Android, iOS


What is Snapchat
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Ideal for: millennial users. Businesses that have audiences in this category and/or Gen Z could benefit from Snapchat to reach customers.  

Depending on your business’s requirements and digital presence, Snapchat offers additional specialist features, unlike other video chat apps. 


Chat app WhatsApp includes a function for businesses, namely WhatsApp Business. Free to download, you can connect with customers and answer questions easily through the app.  

Key features:

  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Cross-platform capabilities 
  • Group chats for up to 256 participants
  • Video calls for up to eight participants 
  • Quick reply message templates 
  • Business profiles 
  • Simple messaging notifications 
  • Free worldwide video and audio calls 
  • GPS location and interactive map 
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Compatibilities: Android, iOS, Web, Mac 

Ideal for: small business owners who want to connect with team members on different devices. 

WhatsApp Business is an intuitive addition to the offering, and provides additional means of communications for customers to reach your business. 


Viber offers four core pricing plans to suit various business models.

Make outbound calls to mobiles and landlines at extra cost using the Viber Out feature. Viber works on several platforms and devices including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS devices, and Android phones. Businesses that require more in the way of project and task management capabilities may struggle with the limited functionality offered by Viber. 

Key features: 

  • Real-time collaboration and task management
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Switch between voice and audio calls
  • Group chats and group calls
  • Join online communities
  • Share stickers and custom-made GIFs
  • ​Set disappearing messages
  • Instant messaging functionalities  

Compatibilities: Android, iOS, Web, macOS 

Ideal for: small benefits that prioritise video calling and screen sharing capabilities on an intuitive platform for lightweight team collaboration. Viber provides functionality for group calls with up to 20 participants.

Viber has a community feel with different tools available to share ideas, react to messages and interact seamlessly with each other, promoting an understanding of thoughts and expectations which delivers clearer communications.  

What is viber? in RingCentral Uk Blog

Facebook Messenger

This free app is the likely go-to for Android users, and most people are familiar with the app to make video and audio calls. 

The Facebook Messenger app allows for voice messages, plus audio and photo sharing. Offering a Lite version, Facebook Messenger can be tested out first with video chat support. Oh, and you can also find dark mode in ‘Settings’

Key features:

  • Group video meetings 
  • Message recording
  • Live video chat
  • File sharing 
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice message recording 
  • Cross-platform capabilities 

Compatibilities: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS 

Ideal for: users with a Facebook account that like the familiarity of the social media platform Facebook. 

Facebook Messenger offers functionality very similar to SMS messages including images but without any associated cost. Files are easily shared in-app, allowing employees to touch base and collaborate when on and off site.   


With 600 million users, Line’s chat app features cross-platform messaging in addition to voice and video calls. Running as a free app, with group calls accommodated for up to 200 users, Line displays in-app purchases and ads. Line Out facilitates connections to international landline and mobile phones, as well as a social network for users to participate in. 

Life’s portfolio aims to be more than a chat app, and offer news and social information to users.

Key features:

  • International call functions
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Mass messages
  • Timeline notices 
  • Emojis and stickers 

Compatibilities: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS 

Ideal for: businesses that want to connect globally, whether that be with a remote team or customers in a different country. 

Line operates on a VoIP platform, thus providing free video and voice calls that can be accessed from mobile devices as well as PCs. The simple functionality and flexibility of Line is popular for businesses on numerous devices and applications. 


Zoom’s basic plan is free, with three additional video conferencing plans for different business sizes. Working across any device, Zoom meeting capabilities are functional and intuitive with real-time messaging functions. 


What is Zoom? in RingCentral UK Blog


Key features:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Waiting rooms
  • Meeting recording with cloud storage
  • Multiple screen sharing and co-annotations 
  • HD video and audio quality 
  • Social media streaming
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Calendar syncing 
  • 24/7 live support 

Compatibilities: Android, iOS, Web 

Ideal for: businesses with large volumes of staff, as Zoom can handle up to 100 devices in one meeting. There’s also the option of a large meeting license, which facilitates up to 1000 users with 49 videos displayed on screen in one meeting.  

Zoom has the functionality for breakout rooms which are useful for businesses that require brainstorming sessions for individual teams. 

Find the best facetime alternative for you

Choosing the best Facetime alternative for your business can be a minefield. Check out the different video conferencing features to identify the functions that you need, and the ones you can do without. Some of the Facetime alternatives we’ve mentioned are more casual chat apps, so always keep your customer base and target audience in mind.  

Consider your business’s biggest communications frustration. If it’s poor video quality, then search for a Facetime alternative that’ll deliver HD quality video calls with no interruption.  

Most of the Facetime alternatives offer trial subscriptions so you can try before you buy before making a final decision.   

Why is RingCentral the right video calling app alternative?

RingCentral offers a wealth of functionalities and is not just limited to video and audio calls. If your business is looking to scale appropriately, RingCentral’s world-class infrastructure is the solution when compared with other video calling apps on the market. 

When looking to switch your current video chat app, consider discussing with other relevant team members what their experience with legacy software is to gather feedback.  

The ability to integrate your CRM system and create custom workflows into RingCentral means that staff members can keep track of every single client interaction. Then log calls to further improve customer relationships and onboard new team members. In addition, the real-time analytics provided by RingCentral gather all relevant business data to deliver meaningful insights, alerts and reporting metrics.  

Take the time to explore the different features of RingCentral, as you may just find that you can implement this solution and reduce the need for other software that isn’t quite up to the job. 

Originally published Jun 14, 2022, updated Jun 22, 2022


Samantha is RingCentral’s Content Manager for EMEA Marketing. Before joining the business, she worked in content and public relations roles. She has worked with companies in ed tech, marketing and advertising, connected home, telecoms and publishing.

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