Driving a True Work-Life Balance with UCaaS

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UCaaS work life balance

The planet seems smaller than ever, thanks to trends like globalisation and social media. The mobile community means that we can connect with anyone, at any time, from almost any device we choose. Even the disruptive state of digital transformation means that we’re all more connected to one another and the machines around us than ever before.

As the consumer environment transforms, the world of work changes with it. Half of the UK workforce is expected to be working remotely by 2020; and despite these dispersed workforces, collaboration and communication are evolving, thanks to simple cloud solutions and unified communications. Today, work-life balance is more than just an aspiration for the modern business: It’s a crucial consideration.

Here, we’re going to explore the ways that unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is paving the way towards true work-life balance.

The seamless transition between work and home

Working remotely

Intuitive tools for unified communications delivered over the cloud mean that today’s employees no longer have to learn how to use multiple devices and programmes when they join a business. Instead, your teams can use the same services that they feel comfortable with at home and in their personal lives.

This seamless connection between professional and recreational technology makes it easier to onboard new employees while making sure that your team members feel as comfortable as possible adopting the software that’s crucial to your company. In fact, with bring your own device (BYOD) policies, teams can even use the same device for their personal and professional applications. All you need is the right security measures in place.

Promoting true flexibility

UCaaS systems give companies access to instantly reliable, secure, and dependable communication anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re connecting with employees overseas or letting someone join your video conference when they’re on the tube, no one has to be out of the loop.

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UCaaS paves the way for great work-life balance by allowing employees to access the flexible schedules they need, while also making sure that they’re accessible during their working hours. Professionals can contribute to the business from outside of the office and choose their own working hours, provided that they’re still able to meet their targets. This means that a great professional life no longer has to mean compromising on personal responsibilities.

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Adapting to the mobile age

Today, everything is flexible and agile. Employees seem to be on the move all the time, reaching out to customers, meeting with clients, or even completing everyday chores. UCaaS supports this all-go lifestyle by giving your team tools that are truly mobile. When all of the resources your employees need to thrive are located on the same easy-to-use platform, work stops being a single location and starts to be a collection of critical tools.

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When you deliver unified communications through the cloud, you give your team the freedom to untether themselves from the standard desk environment and explore the world around them.

Complete control

Finally, accessing the wonders of work-life balance with UCaaS doesn’t have to mean eliminating the line between an employee’s professional and personal lives. UCaaS services still provide your team members with the control they need to switch tools on and off as necessary. They can set their schedule and use presence features to demonstrate when they’re not available for a call. On the other hand, if they want to be available via instant chat, but not VoIP, your staff can set those controls up too. Communication becomes a customisable concept.

What’s more, because everything is hosted on the cloud, your team won’t have to worry about waiting for a power outage to pass before they can log in and start working. Complete continuity means that your people can work in the hours they choose, no matter what happens.

Unlocking work-life balance with UCaaS

Already, younger generations are driving an increased demand for unified communications as a service. As digital natives like Millennials continue to expect the same technology and communications experiences in their work lives as they get in their personal lives, this trend will only continue to grow.

While work-life integration is a complex challenge for any business to approach, UCaaS could be the first step in making your business flexible, mobile, and versatile enough for the modern workforce.

Originally published Oct 02, 2018, updated May 06, 2020

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