Customer Experience

Customer experience strategy is crucial for your business growth. Paired with a cloud-based collaboration solution, information within your contact centre goes around fast that greatly improves your CX.

Simplify Hybrid Agent Scheduling With Purpose-Built Tools

Highlights: The hybrid workforce is becoming a mainstay in modern contact centres. Success with a hybrid workforce requires effectively and…

1 month ago

How To Build a Customer-Centric Team That Boosts Profitability

In recent years, customer expectations have sky-rocketed regarding interactions with your brand. 80% of customers now view their experience as…

2 months ago

Five Ways To Deliver a Next-Level Customer Experience

Keeping customers satisfied is a top priority for any organisation because it can make or break a business. Recent research…

2 months ago

Going on Holiday Soon? This Simple Phone Trick Will Keep Your Business Moving

You certainly deserve a break. After all, we’re working longer hours than ever, with more meetings in our calendars compared…

3 months ago

5 Reasons Why An ATS & CRM Software Is Important For Your Business

With technology constantly evolving and growing competition in the workforce, the recruitment world is changing on a fundamental level.  To…

7 months ago

What is Customer Journey Map & How to Create One?

Want to improve your conversion rate and customer retention? If your bounce rate and shopping cart abandonment rate are increasing,…

1 year ago

8 Tips For Your Social Media Strategy In 2021

Social media platforms are the greatest thing that have been introduced to generation Z, and undoubtedly they are making the…

1 year ago

5 Ways SEO Can Drive Better Customer Experiences

As we move into the modern age, more and more shoppers are looking to make purchases online. Whether eCommerce business…

2 years ago

Call Routing FAQs: How to Divert Calls, Redirect, and More

Call routing is an essential function in thousands of offices, call centres, and customer support hubs around the UK. Without…

2 years ago

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