The Benefits of UCaaS for Recruitment Companies

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Benefits of UCaaS to Recruitment Companies

Could investing in UC as a Service help you to achieve more as a recruitment brand?

By the time we enter 2020, hiring is expected to become even more competitive for up to 75% of all recruiters in the UK. Around the world, the quest for talent is on in an environment where skill shortages are high, and everyone is searching for the same selection of dedicated employees.

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Though most people think of UCaaS as a solution for retailers and B2B companies and consumer-driven brands, it can also be a valuable tool for those responsible for filling the gaps in today’s hard-working teams. After all, more than almost any other workforce, recruitment agencies are dependent on the relationships that they can build with both their clients and their candidates.

The Importance of UCaaS for the Recruitment Agency

UCaaS has a transformative impact on the modern recruitment agency in many different ways. For instance, from an external communication perspective, UCaaS tools like RingCentral Office comes with a range of excellent opportunities to keep on-the-go team members connected to clients and candidates. Today’s recruiters don’t just spend all day sitting in an office; they’re constantly meeting with clients and candidates, exploring significant events, and networking with their community.

With a reliable UCaaS solution, agencies can create and manage valuable conversations with candidates and clients, while simultaneously arranging meetings and interviews, sending messages to hiring managers, and scheduling future appointments. A UCaaS solution improves every aspect of the communication landscape, from managing calls on mobile apps when recruiters are on the move, to improving routing to ensure that a crucial call is never missed.

Helping Agents to Collaborate

Additionally, having one business identity and not having to provide separate office and mobile numbers for each agent makes life much easier for your candidates and clients too. All the while, team members on the go can reach out to other members of staff for help and specialist support when they need it – even if they’re not present in the office.

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Instant messaging tools and collaboration systems like RingCentral Glip mean that agents are only a click away from an immersive conference, video meeting, or flexible file-sharing tools. You can even invite multiple colleagues into a single conversation with a  client or candidate. Combine that functionality with integrations from leading tools like Google G-Suite, Office 365 from Microsoft, and Bullhorn, and the recruitment industry ends up with an end-to-end way to manage their internal and external interactions.

Even the leaders of the recruitment agency can benefit from tools that allow them to access reports on inbound and outbound calls, track recruiter performance, and potentially establish strategies for improved productivity. With the right reports and insights, it’s easier to reduce costs, engage the workforce, and scale at an incredible pace.

Delivering Better Experiences through UCaaS

With UCaaS to support the internal and external conversations that recruiters have every day, everyone from the agency, to the client or candidate can benefit. Clients and candidates get more ways to communicate effectively with their preferred agent, and those agents can even offer more personalized experiences thanks to behind-the-scenes reports and personalized pop-ups. All the while, analytics, and insights mean that agency is gradually growing more effective and efficient.

UCaaS isn’t just a tool for retail companies and B2B brands. A combined, aligned, and enhanced strategy for communication and collaboration could also transform the working lives of our recruiters and HR experts too. Check out these recruiting tips to help you with your company’s future and growth.

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Originally published Oct 17, 2019, updated Jan 17, 2023

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