5 Reasons to Ditch Your Landline for VoIP

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In a world where agility and mobility are crucial, landline phones are starting to feel like archaic pieces of technology, preventing companies from achieving their real potential.

Communications is crucial to running any kind of business, but traditional landlines chain organisations to old-fashioned contracts and upfront connection costs that make it difficult to unlock true value for money. Today’s companies need speed, flexibility, and scalability. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is the ultimate way to leverage the power of your internet and eliminate the restrictions of outdated landlines.

With a value predicted to reach $140 billion by 2021, VoIP has taken the business world by storm. Here are just five reasons why companies are ditching the landline in favour of VoIP.

1.    VoIP = lower costs

Landline phones are costly commitments. To keep your communications stack running, you need to pay for equipment, software, and frequent maintenance. On the other hand, with a hosted VoIP service, you transfer all your everyday communications functions into the online world, where you can pay for them through a predictable and convenient monthly fee.

Most VoIP providers also offer maintenance as part of their service, so you don’t have to worry about paying for additional staff to keep your phone systems running smoothly. Additionally, many companies see cost savings in their organisation thanks to increased employee productivity. The other features provided via VoIP allow employees to handle calls whenever and wherever they need to.

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2.    VoIP offers access to additional features

Most VoIP providers offer telephony as part of a package of communications features. Your company can access affordable solutions that would be difficult to use on a traditional landline. For instance, your employees can choose whether they want to make calls from a softphone on their laptop or have calls sent to their smartphone when they’re out of the office.

It’s even possible to connect your VoIP system to unified communications solutions that feature capabilities like call recording, analytics, and call queuing.

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3.    VoIP provides Mobility

You don’t need to be an industry innovator to see that the modern workplace is evolving. The office has become a more “virtual” location, and employees are relying on the latest software to keep them connected whether they’re working at home or on-the-move.

VoIP cloud-based connections allow today’s organisations to embrace the rising demand for remote work. All your employees need to connect to your system is a secure Wi-Fi connection, a softphone, or a desk phone.

4.    VoIP makes it easier to scale

If you’re planning on taking your company to the next level by expanding into multiple locations, or you want to add new people to your team, VoIP makes scaling easier than ever. Because your service is available in the cloud, you can simply add or remove extra lines in your system whenever you need to.

There’s no need to purchase extra capacity when you don’t need it just to prepare for potential growth, and there’s no uncertainty involved in choosing the right size of the phone system to purchase. Just adjust according to your needs as your business evolves.

5.    VoIP is the future of communications

Perhaps the most important reason to ditch the landline and embrace VoIP is that IP communications is the future of business telephony. With its simple plug-and-play format and the ability to protect your company against issues with common landline disruptions, VoIP systems can prepare your organisation for the trends of the future.

The landline is rapidly going extinct as businesses search for more dependable, high-quality communications solutions. If you want to be relevant in the years ahead, now’s the time to switch to VoIP.

Originally published Nov 28, 2018, updated Jan 30, 2020


Bobby is one of our SMB Account Executives for RingCentral EMEA. He is invested in learning more about businesses, the challenges they face and assisting them in understanding the benefits of RingCentral.
Previously Bobby worked in the Legal sector. He joined RingCentral 2 years ago after finding a passion for Sales and technology.

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