10 Tips for Creating Helpful Customer Service Videos

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No matter what industry you are in, businesses rely on customers. And while there are other elements of a business you must focus on, customer satisfaction is always the most important. To guarantee satisfaction at scale, you should consider implementing customer service videos that speak to your values. Online tools such as a powerful online video editor will help you get the job done.  

Customer service videos are essential for brands that sell products to consumers. If you sell a product, there will be interaction before and after the sale has been made. These are times when dissatisfaction can happen due to many reasons, such as confusion regarding the use of a certain product.

For example, if you sell a D.I.Y. table to a customer, they may have some questions about the setup. You can tell them to refer to the manual, or you can go above and beyond. You can make a helpful video that will guide the customers and answer their questions. They will surely appreciate this gesture, and at the same time you’ll reduce customer callbacks.

Here are a few tips on how to create a helpful customer service video:

1. Let Your Video Tell a Story

Your video should tell a story right off the bat. In this case, your video should be something that a customer can relate to. Try to evoke feelings in the audience, and end with a resolution for whatever problem they are having. You are not trying to make a full-length movie, so make sure that you keep things short and simple.

Consider this customer service video as a promotional video for your brand. Just because its main purpose is to help customers, doesn’t mean you can’t promote yourself. Add a personal touch to your video with the help of online video makers. You can either include intros or flash the logo of your company somewhere in the video.

You can use humour as well. If you want to go this route, a light-hearted video is also a great way to connect to customers. This can keep them from getting overwhelmed from watching your customer service video. Adding humour to the video will make it a tad bit informal but to balance it out, make sure to add practical content.

2. Be Sure to Answer FAQs

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This type of video is meant to help users understand the products. So if they come across this video, that means that they searched for it or you recommended it to them. Furthermore, there are specific things that they want to see on the video. A good customer service video will answer any, if not all, customer-related enquiries.

FAQs or frequently asked questions is a general term for the most common questions asked. For businesses, this can cover a wide range of services and topics. Some of these include shipping and handling of packages, how-tos, product specifications, and more. Keep your customers in the loop by making sure you already have answers for issues that may arise.

In your customer service video, try to answer some of the FAQs. This gesture will be appreciated by your loyal customers and help out the others in the process. Keep it short and direct to avoid any confusion. Tackle the problem head-on and provide solutions. Do not discuss a topic or question that you don’t have an answer to.

3. Include Some Text

Helpful customer service videos can be considered instructional. The video is meant to give directions and serve as a guide for whoever is watching. It’s a good idea to include some text to make your point even clearer. This is a good way to enhance the message of your video. Add keywords to further strengthen your message.

Online video makers like Promo include text editors. There are many fonts to choose from, all of which are pleasant to look at. When you make instructional videos, it’s a good practice to sync the text with the audio. For example, when you are talking about features of a product, show the text as you mention them.

Typography is a way for you to show off your brand’s personality using fonts. If you do plan on adding text to your customer service video, just make sure that the font is legible. Otherwise, it can be a disaster for the reader. Make sure you choose a font that goes with the overall theme of your video to maintain a professional look.

4. Speak Clearly

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Another thing to take note of when you make your video is to avoid the use of big words. This is to make sure that you are not making the audience think too much when watching your video. This is not saying that they wouldn’t understand, but a simple courtesy. In fact, most people prefer simple words and basic vocabulary, as long as you get your point across.

Using longer than necessary words can actually make you seem less intelligent. This is not an image you would want your brand to have. Sometimes, these long words don’t even explain the message you are trying to send out. So it’s best to stick to words that are short but concise.

In terms of video production, specifically customer service-oriented videos, your goal is to help viewers understand. If there are parts in the video where someone is explaining something, it’s best to turn down the background music. Also, make sure that the speaker is speaking at a normal pace, not too fast, and not too slow.

5. Keep The Video Neat

You don’t have to go the minimalist route if you want to keep the video neat and orderly. You can still add different elements to your video and continue to get your point across. However, putting too many will unfortunately crowd the whole project. This is not something you want out of a video that is intended to help customers.

Online video makers have templates that you can use to outline your entire project. Use this to your advantage and base your work on it. These templates are specifically designed for that purpose, to make your video look professional. Steer clear from the big and over-the-top animations. This can harm the overall engagement with your video.

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Use online video maker templates to your advantage. Create themed videos. If you want to create customer service videos, simply search for keywords. Take a look at the results and see which one suits your needs. If you don’t like the entire video, however, don’t worry. You can change it along the way as you make your edits.

6. Don’t Add Too Many Special Effects

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When creating a video, it’s pretty hard to resist making use of the different features of an online video maker. It’s fun and sometimes when you test it out, you end up liking the result. Whatever you decide on, it’s important not to crowd the final project. A video with too much going on is going to make the audience skip your video.

Do remember that the main reason for the making of your video. It’s to provide helpful customer service for your customers. The most important thing is your video will help them with their concerns. If you made a tutorial video, then it should be just that. It should be easily understandable by anyone, so keep the video simple.

We understand that online video makers have so much to offer. And sometimes, you just want to maximise all the available resources. But there are times when less is more. From the subtle things like the transition of the videos to the text you add. Again, keep it short and simple to make your statement a powerful one.

7. Upload With Social Media in Mind

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Most of your customers are on social media. It’s an efficient way for you to communicate with them and it’s an easy way for them to find you. Nowadays, businesses should be familiar with the inner workings of social media. Brands should have their own page and must know how to interact with customers on different social media platforms.

If customers are curious about a certain product, they are likely to visit the brand’s page instead of its website. Build a helpful video that is perfect for social media, with the help of online video makers like Promo. They have templates that allow you to tailor your project so it fits perfectly on the social media platform of your choice.

Another benefit that you may get from uploading on social media is free advertising. If you upload videos on different social media sites, you can get engagement from a lot of people. These ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ are valuable on social media as it helps you get higher rankings in the search. Whether they’re genuinely curious or get brought to your video by accident, they are still potential customers.

8. Don’t Use the Camera Microphone

This one is a bit more advanced but can work wonders for any type of video you are making. As you may know, most cameras have built-in microphones that record audio and video together. Camera microphones are below average in terms of audio recording. As a result, this method can be problematic when you get to editing.

Online video makers have a dedicated timeline for audio, video, and other elements for your project. This makes it easier for a user to make changes and edit specific parts. When you record the audio separately, you allow yourself some room to work with when editing. Unlike when you record simultaneously, one mistake could mean losing both video and audio.

Lastly, a dedicated audio recorder will record audio in better quality. In fact, most modern phones record audio pretty decently compared to built-in camera microphones. Noise cancellation is a must if you want your video to sound more professional. To avoid making your customer service video look amateur, go with high-quality audio recording.

9. Include Real Customer Interactions

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As stated earlier, customer interaction is key to growing a business or a brand. To build a relationship with customers, you must build trust. Furthermore, you must deliver on your company’s promise to the consumers. Be confident that your product or service is reliable and a step above the competition.

These real customer interactions can be included in your customer service video. They can be in the form of feedback, reviews, and testimonies. There are dozens of ways you can go about this, but the main goal is to get other customers to trust you. With the help of these existing customers who are happy with your service, you can get even more potential customers.

Online video makers have the option for you to upload your own video and edit it there. Choose a template that you feel can build trust between a brand and its customers. From there, simply edit your video with the available tools. Then upload it to your website or your social media page for all of your customers to see.

10. Use Positive Language in Your Video

If you’re making a customer service video, positive language will make a huge impact. This makes customers feel like they are not in the wrong, and you are there to help them. This also generates positivity between you and the consumers and it makes your brand seem approachable.

By doing it this way, you are acknowledging the importance of the customer. There will always be customer complaints. No business in history has zero customer complaints. But it’s the way you control the situation that sets you apart from competitor brands.


Happy Creating!

Online video makers have different stock videos you can choose from that can deliver the same message. Or if you have an idea in mind, you can shoot your own and work with that. As long as you set a positive tone throughout the entire video.

Originally published Jun 18, 2021, updated Jan 16, 2023

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