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Purchase Minnesota area code phone numbers for your business

Minnesota is a state known for its high civic engagement and voter turnout rates. The state is home to 5,420,380 inhabitants and encompasses an area of 74,715.86 square miles. Minnesota is one of the healthiest states in the country and has one of the highest literacy rates as well. The economy in Minnesota has switched from being an area primarily focused on natural resources and mining to now being a center for the production and sale of finished products. Minnesota is also known for its business diversity. The state has a gross domestic product of $262 billion. Of the United States' top 1,000 companies, thirty of them are headquartered in Minnesota, and the state is known for having many Fortune 500 companies. Minnesota is also home to the largest privately owned company in the world. The per capita income is $42,772, which is the tenth highest in the nation. Although only 1% of the population is employed in agriculture, Minnesota still ranks sixth in the nation for the value of its crops.

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