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Purchase Utah 435 area code phone numbers for your business

The 435 area code covers almost the entire state of Utah, excluding the Wasatch Front metropolitan area. Spanning 71,693.08 square miles, Utah is the 13th-largest state in the U.S., and the 435 area code covers 68,273.39 of those miles. With a population of 521,881, most of the people are employed in the natural resources and mining, construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and public administration industries, which are the major industries of Utah. Tourism is also one of Utah's major industries, along with cattle ranching and salt production. Utah is the home of several national parks that attract many tourists. The population in the 435 area code is 49.88% male and 50.12% female. Persons under the age of 18 make up 32.86% of the population, and persons 65 years old and older make up 10.62% of the population.

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Cities in the 435 area code are St. GeorgeLogan, and  Park City.

A nearby area code is 801.