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Purchase Manhattan, NY 212 area code phone numbers for your business

Spanning 22.96 square miles and encompassing a population of 1,619,090, Manhattan, New York, is the most densely populated of New York City's five boroughs and contains many of the city's most iconic landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Times Square. Also known as New York County, Manhattan is largely comprised of Manhattan Island, with a few other outlying islands. The median age is 37.02 years, and the population is 48% male and 52% female. The median household income is $79,100, making Manhattan one of the highest-income places in the United States for places with more than one million residents. Regarded as a cultural and economic center, Manhattan boasts companies specializing in manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, and finance. With Wall Street located in Lower Manhattan, the area is also a center of finance.

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Nearby area codes include 718 and 914.