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RingCentral launches next-gen communications for frontline workers


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Consider the critical nature of paramedic communications with hospital staff on a patient’s condition or the amount of time wasted every time a retail worker requests more inventory from the warehouse manually. They are the essential workers who have kept hospitals up and running, staffed grocery stores’ and curbside pick-up, and been out in the field keeping all our critical services up and running when we needed them most. 

There are approximately 2.7 billion frontline workers globally, which is more than twice the number of desk-based workers. But nevertheless, they have been largely left behind in the video and AI revolution of post-pandemic work tools and have minimal connectivity back to office workers. Frontline workers need to be given the right tools to perform their jobs effectively. Without digital investments, it can lead to siloed work, departmental and geographical gaps.

That’s why we built the RingCentral for frontline workers solution, a next-gen app that includes powerful capabilities for the field including push-to-talk, AI-powered video, live transcription, background noise reduction, file sharing and more – all in one app. 

What is RingCentral for frontline workers?

RingCentral’s frontline workforce solution – which now offers a new push-to-talk capability – provides clear and secure voice communications for frontline teams at the push of a button, enhancing employee- or company-owned mobile devices with walkie-talkie capabilities.

Frontline workers across industries like healthcare, retail, and manufacturing can now use a single device to seamlessly connect and communicate with the rest of their organization, from anywhere with WiFi or cellular internet connectivity.

What’s even better is that it integrates with AI-powered video collaboration in one app, so you can transform your smartphone into a frontline tool, including features like mobile camera sharing, background noise reduction, intelligent video with captions, transcriptions, image sharing, and more.

Why do essential workers need next-gen communication tools?

Our new frontline worker offering empowers seamless communication across every part of a user’s business because it allows users to: 

Get the facts to go: RingCentral for frontline workers brief

How 3 essential industries can use RingCentral for frontline workers

Let’s look more closely at the benefits of RingCentral for frontline workers across some of the most relevant fields: healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.


💡Read about RingCentral for frontline workers in Forbes magazine



RingCentral for frontline workers: 5 key features

1. Stay heads up and hands free with auto-play

Enable auto-play on locked or unlocked devices to listen in for critical information while on shift. Even if you are operating heavy machinery or on the go as a medical professional where time is of the essence. Listen to voice messages that play automatically the moment they are received to enhance public safety. 

2. Integrate with multi-modal devices with no special installation needed

Capitalize on previous hardware investments to drive ROI and productivity with fewer devices and apps. Train your employees fast with what they already have been using. 

3. Listen in on multiple channels

Pick a team-specific channel and toggle easily between channels in one click when you are on shift. Leave the channel when your shift is done so you can truly disconnect. Instant, hands-free communication with large teams has never been easier!

4. Intelligent video and transcriptions

Frontline workers can instantly elevate a voice call to AI-powered video collaboration, introducing AI-powered “see what I see” technology to field teams. Ask for second opinions or visually share their current surroundings. Workers can also leverage AI-powered live transcriptions, or if their location is too loud, then AI noise reduction can make it easier to hear clearer audio.

5. File sharing, team messaging, and more

Connect your frontline and back office workers. RingCentral for frontline workers solution allows frontline workers and back office workers to easily chat via team messaging and share files to power stronger and more effective collaboration.

When is RingCentral for frontline workers available?

Disclaimer: Actual UI may vary.

RingCentral for frontline workers offering is now generally available globally –in both a standalone version and as an add-on to RingCentral MVP.

We’re thrilled to offer a new solution for your frontline teams to work as efficiently in the field as your office workers. Click below for more information:

How to purchase RingCentral for Frontline Workers

We’re thrilled to offer a new solution for your frontline teams to work as efficiently in the field as your office workers. Click below for more information:

Originally published Mar 27, 2023, updated Nov 08, 2023

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