Your security is our priority

From concept to production and everything in between, we prioritise your security throughout our entire product lifecycle.

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A proactive approach to security

We’re always thinking ahead to anticipate your security needs and keep you protected.

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Secure by design

We ask tough questions and challenge every choice during the design process, always ensuring the most secure solution is built right into the product.

Resolving threats before they’re threats

Is someone after your data? Relax, we meticulously think about who could target you and how we can keep you safe.

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Rigorous testing to keep you protected

Every new feature is put through a security review process—at all stages of development and production.

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Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scans begin as soon as we commit the code. Scans detect and remediate unsecure code.

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Source code reviews

Tools are not infallible, which is why we also have source code reviews. Because two sets of eyes are better than one.

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Security QA testing

Security quality assurance (QA) testing is where we make sure that we “fail secure”—so even if something goes wrong, we limit the damage that can happen.

Comprehensive penetration testing icon

Comprehensive penetration testing

With penetration testing by internal teams and qualified third parties, we test simulated cyberattacks to make sure that we double and triple check our products.

Comprehensive management of findings

We document every finding, evaluate the security impact, and track it through to remediation. And if it impacts you, we tell you.

Security first—and last

We look at everything we learned during design, development, and testing to make sure we are providing a secure release.

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