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Team members communicating via phone, messaging, and video in one integrated platform

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Team members communicating via phone, messaging, and video in one integrated platform

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Team members communicating via phone, messaging, and video in one integrated platform

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Team members communicating via phone, messaging, and video in one integrated platform


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With over 300+ pre-built integrations available, easily automate workflows and repetitive tasks for calls, chats, and meetings.
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Browse popular apps across CRM, customer support, automation, and productivity.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Communications

Not so long ago, companies would need separate service providers for everything: one for desk phones, one for mobile devices, one for telecoms, and the list goes on.
The term unified communications or UC refers to a system that integrates multiple communication and collaboration tools—such as text messaging, video calling, audio conferencing, telephony, project management, and more—into a single cloud-based communications platform. This is why UC is also often mentioned as UC&C, which simply means “unified communications and collaboration.”
In essence, unified communications came about as an answer to the growing demand for a better way to stay connected, promote teamwork, offer a seamless user experience, share data, and optimize core business processes.
Unified communications and the cloud go hand in hand. This is where UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service comes in. Let’s break it down:
  • Unified Communications (UC) - As previously mentioned, this refers to the integration of business communications tools like internet phone, voicemail, email, message, video, and more. 
  • As a Service (aaS) - This describes the delivery model used for cloud-based services and software.
UCaaS condenses all essential apps and functionalities into a single platform to make working as simple as it can be.
With a UCaaS system in place, team members can access every message, file, link as well as any other internal communication tools and third-party services from any connected device. This also allows people to schedule online meetings with others inside and outside the organization, chat with teammates from all over the world, and simultaneously work on documents in real-time.
Communication is central to any business. The problem is that there are just too many ways to communicate these days. 
What a unified communications platform does is bring together these many forms of digital communication so organizations do not have to switch from one app to another to complete tasks. These can include group chats, VoIP, web conferencing, and even contact center capabilities. Additionally, unified communications apps like RingCentral boasts features such as chat history, screen sharing, call recording, task management, interactive whiteboards, and more. 
UCaaS offers businesses independence, innovation, and integrations that no other communication technology cannot.
There’s a reason countless companies are making the shift to unified communications. Here are some benefits of unified communications for you to consider:
  • Cost savings
    Small businesses and enterprises alike can save money by switching to the cloud. With UCaaS, you pay a flat rate with the option of add-ons and upgrades, depending on your business needs. This means you won’t be paying extra for: 
    • Conference calls
    • On-premises telephones
    • Project management tools
    • Internal file sharing
    • Video calling apps
  • Work flexibility
    More and more companies are going for hybrid and remote work setups. If you plan to do the same, you know that traditional phone systems just won’t do. You need functionality that promotes employee communication and engagement—and that’s precisely what unified communications offers.
  • Enhanced security
    Endpoint security of multiple user devices is a great concern, especially in this era of digital transformation. The good news is that UCaaS providers typically handle all matters concerning security. Not only do you get superior communications technology, but also the peace of mind knowing proper security measures are in place to keep your business safe.
The truth is that there are many unified communications providers out there, and you can spend hours upon hours comparing what they bring to the table and deciding which one has the best offers. Let’s make the process simpler for you, shall we?
When it comes to quality yet affordable UC solutions, RingEX is the answer.
RingEX integrates all your essential communication and collaboration tools in one user-friendly platform. With team messaging, video calling, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) calling,  and a host of business app integrations, you are sure to get an upgrade to your regular phone system.
By choosing RingEX, you can begin streamlining your workflows, improving productivity, maximizing ROIs, and innovating how your team stays connected at all times.
Reach out to our RingCentral team today to learn more about our pricing and plans or to request a demo.
An employee making a call using her business phone number from the RingCentral App
An employee making a call using her business phone number from the RingCentral App

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*RingCentral Office is now RingEX. All references to “RingCentral Office,” whether in terms of service, advertising, or product descriptions, mean “RingEX.”

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