November 14, 2023

RingCentral Announces General Availability of RingCX, a Natively Built AI-first Contact Centre that is Simple to Use and Easy to Deploy

AI-infused before, during, and after interaction experiences

Disruptive combination of product, packaging, and pricing 

Built by RingCentral, with native integration to RingCentral’s flagship MVP product

BELMONT, Calif. – November 14, 2023RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG), a leading provider of AI-first global enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact centre solutions, today announced the general availability of RingCX™, a native, AI-first contact centre with new capabilities powered by its RingSense™ AI platform. Integrated with RingCentral MVP™, RingCX offers a disruptive combination of product, packaging, and pricing. During controlled availability, there have been more than 50 customers who have selected RingCX, including a 1,000 plus seat win from a Fortune 500 company.

RingCX offers:

  • AI-first: Leveraging the latest advances in generative AI, RingCX helps customers and contact centre employees before, during, and after interactions with automated scoring and monitoring for supervisors. 

  • Rich omnichannel: Seamlessly brings together voice, video and digital channels so agents can easily engage with customers in their channel of choice, with full context to the customer journey and interaction history.

  • Disruptively packaged and priced: RingCX includes voice, video, 20+ digital channels and AI summaries. The offering is attractively priced at £60 per agent per month, providing major cost savings and pricing predictability.

  • Simple to use: Includes a rich set of capabilities businesses need without the expensive bells and whistles of traditional contact centres, including voice, video, social media, email, and more – in one unified, easy to use interface.

  • Easy to deploy: Intuitive set-up gives customers the ability to get started in a matter of days, not weeks.

  • Complements RingCentral Contact Centre: RingCX is a strong complement to RingCentral Contact Centre™, an OEM-based solution, which is generally aimed at more complex use cases and larger deployments. 

“There is a very sizable segment of the contact centre market that is resource constrained and does not have overly complex requirements. Lengthy application deployments involving unanticipated professional service costs can prevent these organisations from getting the customer interaction capabilities they need to be competitive and to effectively serve their customers,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, President and Principal Analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics. “With a robust feature set, predictable, easily understood pricing, and a simple deployment model, RingCX is well positioned to address the needs of this underserved segment of the market.” 

AI-first Functionality

Embedded RingSense AI helps agents and supervisors before, during, and after every customer interaction, ensuring an optimal customer journey for smarter conversations. Capabilities include:

  • Pre-interaction: RingSense AI gives agents insights from prior customer conversations from a single pane of glass, helping improve customer service and agent effectiveness.

  • During interaction: Real-Time AI Summaries provide automatic summaries of the interaction, helping agents significantly improve their interaction follow-up on tasks, which is where agents spend approximately 25-30% of their time. 

  • Post-interaction: Post-call transcriptions, action items, and summaries improve agent effectiveness and supervisor visibility. 

  • Workforce Engagement Management add-on: Offers native, generative AI-based automated quality management, coaching, and conversation analytics via the RingSense AI platform. Key benefits include improving agent performance while giving supervisors visibility into every customer interaction. 

“RingCX fills a gap in the market for an all-inclusive contact centre solution that has the digital channels, voice, video, and robust AI capabilities that businesses need as they transition to a new generation of contact centres that power smarter customer experiences,” said Srini Raghavan, Chief Product Officer, RingCentral. “RingCX scales with the business, allowing decision-makers to adopt capabilities and evolve their experience, on their timeline – with rapid deployment in days, not weeks or months.”

Partner Ecosystem

Open APIs and partner integrations with RingCX facilitate workflows between business systems and eliminate data silos, thus driving better business outcomes. Partner integrations at launch include: 

  • Salesforce, Zendesk - to provide seamless workflow with customer relationship management systems.

  • Google DialogFlow - to add third-party interactive virtual agent (IVA) support. 

  • Calabrio - to add more extensive workforce engagement management use cases including workforce management.

The partner ecosystem is important to enable workflows between an organisation's existing applications when using RingCX. RingCentral is committed to expanding its third party partner ecosystem for RingCX. Additional integrations, including Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, and ServiceNow are coming soon. 

“What amazes me is how intuitive RingCX is. It provides all digital channels in a single pane of glass and at the same time improves our agents’ effectiveness,” said RingCX customer Jaimie Bell, VP of Client Solutions, Office Gurus. “Now that we have this intelligent, omnichannel capability with RingCX, we can tell clients that we’re going to provide them with more services, tailored to their businesses, and at a fraction of the costs they’d be paying with another enterprise contact centre solution.”

RingCX Availability 

RingCX is available in the UK, US and Canada, with France and Germany coming later this quarter. RingCentral continues to rapidly add new features to RingCX to help organisations flexibly and rapidly transition to an AI-first contact centre. 

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