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View complete phone call records and call history, and check online for incoming calls and outbound calls on your business phone system, with RingCentral Call Logs.
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What are Call Logs?

Call Logs are the summary of the call details recorded on phone calls. They could be the call's origin, date, time, and duration. 
Your call logs can be saved by your phone service provider as your phone number's call history or phone call record.  
Call Logging is collecting, recording phone calls, and analysing call details from your phone calls. While you can manually create call logs, many voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) business phone system providers can offer to automate this phone call function and store the call details for you to review later. 
This way, you can maximise productivity, accurately monitor your call center's performance, and gain insights through the phone call record from call log reporting and analytics.

What data is saved in call logs?

All call data saved from your call logs serve as your phone call record history. It includes the type (e.g., phone call, fax, voicemail), activity (missed call, etc.), call duration, and date and time.
The call details do not focus on the exact phone call content. Instead, it collects and analyses your phone calls' statistical and technical data.
Some call log information recorded may include the caller ID, caller ID extension, call origin, call destination, and other transmission details such as a phone call's start and end times, even the specific network used.
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Benefits of RingCentral Call Logs

Dashboard for Call Logs tracking productivity and output

Forecast phone log costs and track productivity with call history online

  • With RingCentral, you can track your team's productivity and output. You can check phone call expenses, call data transactions, and billing. You can also compare business metrics, such as call data history, with a separate fax number and phone number call history.
  • You can get a snapshot of your employees' fax and call-log reports to form an idea of your team's performance for a specific period.
  • When you want to return recent calls and respond to messages quickly, you can opt to RingOut or click any phone number call history for single-touch dialing.

Search and get call history quickly

  • Easily to sort through call history details online by date, date range, type of call (voice or fax), and whether the call was inbound or outbound in the phone number call history details.
  • Check your call history online logs by duration and type and gain insight into calling trends.
Image of call history in the RingCentral App
Screenshot of call log information

Flexible Telephone call log formats and easy access

  • When you need to get your phone call records for detailed analysis and accounting, you can download them to Microsoft Excel®, which is compatible with the call log details of any phone number.
  • Share call log information in real time. Just attach the call log spreadsheets to emails or send them via your RingCentral phone app.
  • No need to download your call logs manually. Schedule automated delivery of your call logs and call record history by email. You can activate this functionality on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • You also have the option to listen to every single call with phone call recordings directly from your call logs with download and playback options.

Improves Customer Service

When calls are recorded in the CRM, the platform gives you an end-to-end view of all customer interactions, allowing you to understand every call in detail. This enables managers to stay on top of any conversation and make performance-related interpretations. Accessing your company’s call logs also enables you to anticipate customer needs and determine who calls your company the most and why.
Screenshot of customer service audio recording
Two female contact center workers looking at a laptop

Satisfy Contact Centre Compliance Standards

As with all industries, firms must adhere to state laws that govern their business. For legal compliance with the PCI-DSS Guide, most contact centres must keep complete phone call logs in their business phone system. This is especially true for those in financial, medical, and legal companies.

Practical Uses of Your RingCentral Call Log

Those features of the RingCentral Call Log may sound great, but what do they mean for your day-to-day operations? Depending on your business, you can use the call data provided by your RingCentral log in a variety of ways:
  • Phone call logs can show you the numbers called by your customer support team and track call durations. This information shows you the levels of productivity of individual staff members or departments. That means you can make any changes or take any actions you see fit to boost that productivity.
  • A missed call log can show you who is waiting for a call back or those who might have left a voicemail. You can then return individual calls quickly with RingOut. Click any phone number for single-touch dialling.
  • You can improve your company’s customer service efforts by using call logs together with call recording (both included with RingEX) to listen to calls after they occur. This enables managers to stay on top of any conversation and make performance-related interpretations. Accessing your company’s call logs also enables you to anticipate customer needs and determine who calls your company the most and why. You'll need to include privacy notices on your business phone line if you do in order to meet regulations in the United Kingdom.
Dashboard for Call Logs showing a list of recent calls

How to manage call logs with RingCentral

Where can I find my call history, faxes, and voicemails, stored?
You can access call history, faxes, and voicemails from the RingCentral app and the Admin Portal.
Call logs are typically saved for 12 months (9 months for some accounts). Contact customer support for more information.
Sent faxes are stored on RingCentral servers for 30 days.
For received faxes and voicemails, when you have 200 unread faxes or voicemails, new ones replace the oldest.
Make sure to download the RingCentral app to access all the information you need.
How do I view my call history?
To get access to your phone number’s call history, you must log in to your RingCentral account, select the Phone icon from the sidebar, and then choose from the tabs under the Call History section.
You can view all calls and even phone call recordings. You can even check all inbound calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls.
How long are call logs stored in my online account?
Your phone call record history, such as your inbound and outbound call records through your RingCentral number(s), are stored in your online account for up to 12 months.
Each phone call record list and received calls list transaction is date- and time-stamped.
How can I use my call logs for cost analysis?
Information for your main number and your extensions can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for cost analysis.
How can I filter my call logs?
With RingCentral, you have two options to filter your phone call log. First, with the regular filter, and the other, an advanced one. 
With the regular filter, you can also filter your call history by a contact’s name, phone number, and email address by using the Filter call history field at the top right.
As for the advanced filter, you can filter according to the type of call, call direction, or by extension. 
However, only group managers can view the phone call records  of users who are members of their user group.
How do I interpret my call logs?
To interpret your phone call logs, you need to examine the different columns displayed on the call log record. You can decode them using the icons with their corresponding actions, definitions, and results. 
For example, this     icon means, you had an inbound voice call. You can also determine from the phone call record whether it has been accepted, the phone line  was busy, or even became a missed call.

To know how to check the call history of a number online and track online call history such as actual voicemails and/or faxes in your online account, request a demo.

Call Logs - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. Phone system providers like RingCentral offer this option. You can gather, analyse, and export call history logs and convert them into a comma-separated values (CSV) file format or an Excel spreadsheet to monitor overall performance.
To download your call log transcription in text form, you can export it to Microsoft Excel in .csv format. Meanwhile, recorded calls can be downloaded in mp3 format from the Call Log page. The downloaded file will only contain the details of the filter you have selected.
To download, you need to log in to your RingCentral account and access the functionality from there.
Call logs are important because they offer a macro view of how your business communications work. You can use the data to reduce costs, improve performance and customer service, and even for legal compliance. You also can use call logs and call records to maintain peak efficiency among your team.
Call log entries deleted in the RingCentral system are permanently removed from the system. You need to log in to your account, Click the icon of the Call Log, then Edit, then select the entry, and then, hit Delete.
To check your call logs from your RingCentral app on your iOs device, (Mac, iPad, or iPhone) or android phone, you need to log-in to your account. From the bottom, click on the phone icon and you will see your call log.
To enable automatic retrieval and delivery to your email you need to log in to your account via desktop or web and log in to your account, click Reports > Call Log,  Choose Delivery Settings, then select from the Email Delivery Schedule. Select the interval (may it be daily, weekly, monthly, or a specific date) then hit Save. 
Kindly note, only admins, users, and group managers can enable the Call Log Delivery using their RingCentral online account.
With RingCentral, you have two ways on how to view your call logs. It could be in Simple View, or in Detailed View. With simple view, you will be able to check for the type of log recorded (may it be a call, a fax, or a voicemail), the phone number of the caller, name of the caller (if available or activated), date and time, if the call has parts recorded (represented with an icon), action performed, the result, and the length. With detailed view, you can add customised columns to the list, such as whether it is included in the cost per minute counted in your RingCentral pricing Plan, Purchased (not included in your RingCentral pricing and billing), From, To, and Recording Option, with the option to see whether how many related calls were recorded. You also can click the indicator to expand the call record to see related phone call records.

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