Announcing the General Availability of RingCX, an AI-first Contact Centre

November 16, 2023 | 3 Mins Read

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Welcome to an exploration of RingCX, a comprehensive solution for optimal customer experiences. In this article, we’ll cover:


Today, we’re excited to announce that RingCX, our native contact centre as a service solution, is now Generally Available in the UK, US and Canada.

The need for a simplified, all-encompassing customer experience solution

Traditional customer experience solutions often come with complex deployments and costly pricing structures, making it challenging for businesses to integrate a comprehensive omnichannel solution that encompasses both voice and digital channels. 

They want a streamlined, modern solution that enables easy management of their business and reporting needs, at an all-inclusive, predictable and cost-effective price.


What is RingCX?

RingCX, a disruptive combination of product, packaging and pricing for a flexible and rapid transition to AI-centric contact centres

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RingCX is the answer to customer experience challenges many organisations have been waiting for. Since we announced RingCX a few months ago, the response has been overwhelming, with approximately 50 customers selecting it to power their customer service teams. Some of the reasons it resonates with them include:

Boosting efficiency and performance with AI

Infused with AI, RingCX helps customers and contact centre employees before, during, and after each interaction. Customers can self-serve with intelligent virtual agents. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement with real-time support for agents and automated scoring and monitoring for supervisors. 

  • Pre-interaction: RingSense AI gives agents insights from prior customer conversations from a single pane of glass, helping improve customer service and agent effectiveness.
  • During interaction: Real-Time AI Summaries provide automatic summaries of the interaction, helping agents significantly improve their interaction follow-up on tasks which is where agents spend approximately 25-30% of their time. 
  • Post-interaction: Post-call transcriptions, action items, and summaries improve agent effectiveness and supervisor visibility. 

Providing the omnichannel experience customers expect

RingCX seamlessly brings together voice, video, and digital channels so agents can easily engage with customers in their channel of choice, where they are, with full context of the customer journey and interaction history.

Disruptively packaged and priced

RingCX includes voice, video, 20+ digital channels and AI summaries. The offering is attractively priced starting at £60 per agent per month, providing predictability to monthly costs.

Enabling agents with an intuitive interface

Agents get a single pane of glass for voice and digital interactions, streamlining all communications on one platform. RingCX also provides CRM integrations to connect all customer interactions for better context, boosting agent efficiency and customer satisfaction. RingCX offers capabilities like voice, video, social media, email, and more, in a user-friendly interface, without the costly extras of traditional contact centres.

Easy to deploy

Intuitive set-up gives customers the ability to get started in a matter of days, not weeks. RingCX is designed with simplicity in mind for organisations looking to avoid long, complicated deployments. RingCX is easy to set up with quick-to-deploy packages delivered by our award-winning professional services team and can be administered from a single interface. 

Eliminating silos with a powerful app ecosystem

Open APIs and partner integrations with RingCX facilitate workflows between business systems and eliminate data silos, thus driving better business outcomes. Partner integrations at launch include: 

  • Salesforce, Zendesk – to provide seamless workflows with customer relationship management systems
  • Google DialogFlow – to add third-party interactive virtual agent (IVA) support 
  • Calabrio – to add more extensive workforce engagement management use cases including workforce management

RingCX fills a gap in the market for an all-inclusive contact centre solution that has the voice, digital channels, video, and robust AI capabilities that businesses need as they transition to a new generation of contact centres that power smarter customer experiences.

Automated Workforce Engagement Management [Beta]

RingCentral has also introduced the beta release of its Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) add-on, which offers native generative AI-based automated quality management and conversation analytics via the RingSense™ AI platform. Key benefits include optimising quality management, improving interactions through feedback and coaching, and helping businesses deliver top-notch customer support experiences. The new WEM solution has three main components:  

  • AI Coach – to provide behavioural agent coaching
  • Automated Quality Management – for scoring and feedback 
  • AI Conversational Insights – to deliver insights such as sentiment, topics, and more


A pivotal tool for businesses that value customer experiences

Currently available in key markets with plans for further expansion, RingCX is poised to be a vital tool for businesses aiming to enhance their customer service experience without the usual complexities and costs.

Where can I learn more?

Explore the power of RingCXand see how it can help you achieve customer service excellence. Dive into its features, benefits and the transformative impact it can have on your business. Don’t miss out – learn more about RingCX today!

Originally published Nov 16, 2023, updated Feb 21, 2024

Aurélie Daniel


Aurelie Daniel is a CX International Product Marketing Manager at RingCentral, the leader in cloud communication and customer experience solutions, and is solution oriented, focusing on customer experience trends, contact centre challenges, to create both values for companies and the end-customer that we are.

She has a solid 10 years of experience in the contact centre industry as a product manager supporting sales team in offering value added CX solution to the business, within companies such as Orange Labs, Akio and Eloquant.

Aurelie Daniel holds a MBA and a Business school Master’s degree and her hobbies are short distance runs, Do-in, gardening and nature walks.