The Best Online Collaboration Tools for Recruitment Teams

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September 30, 2021 | 9 Mins Read

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From screening applications to interviewing new candidates, the hiring process can be complex, tedious and time-consuming. Having the solutions in place to streamline your recruitment processes helps you to hire the best possible talent more efficiently. 

What is a recruitment online collaboration tool?

Hiring the right candidate often requires collaboration across a number of internal stakeholders, hiring managers, or external recruitment agents. Online collaboration tools for recruitment teams help hiring teams come together, build a process and conduct candidate screening, aptitude tests, assessments and interviews. 


Importance of online collaboration to recruitment teams?

Helpful automation of tasks across each stage of the hiring process can significantly aid hiring team collaboration. 

These online collaboration tools for recruitment teams can be the most impactful assistant for HR teams. Assisting with the entire workflow of the recruitment procedure can help to optimise HR team productivity and also decrease your time to hire. Whether it’s generating interest and leads for the roll, filtering resumes, or scheduling interviews with the management team, adopting a well-appointed stack of recruitment software could help you to source exceptional candidates, making it a hugely powerful asset for any business. 


Benefits of online collaboration tools to recruitment teams

There are a number of business benefits of online collaboration tools for recruitment teams. Here are just a few of the key advantages to implementing better collaboration software for your hiring teams. 


  • Filtering candidates with better accuracy 

An intelligent recruiting tool could help hiring teams to set parameters efficiently and accurately. From the application stage to assessments and aptitude testing, purpose-built solutions can help to eliminate human error throughout the hiring journey, improving productivity across your team and supporting your need to hire the best talent for every open vacancy. 


  • A more consistent hiring procedure 

Bespoke hiring software and recruitment collaboration tools can help you to make your processes more reliable and consistent. Setting filters and parameters and implementing automation and calendar syncing can pave the way for a glitch-free hiring procedure. Replicating an automated set of tasks can help your hiring teams become slicker and more efficient as they bring the best new talent on board. 


  • A more time-efficient recruitment process

Adopting the right online recruiting software can help your teams to save time and implement a more hassle-free approach to hiring and onboarding new staff. Automating your screening, setting automatic replies to candidates, syncing calendars and integrating the various tools you need can make your HR team and the hiring team in general much more efficient, allowing them to focus on their key tasks and avoid unnecessary amounts of administrative duties. 


  • Reducing the cost of your recruitment processes

Whether you want to reduce costs by improving your employee turnover, or you’re looking for a tool that brings together a number of communications capabilities, implementing the right combination of recruiting software, and making use of automation can significantly drive down costs.  


What are the best online collaboration tools for recruitment teams?

Whether you’re looking for a holistic collaboration tool that can bring together your entire hiring team and address their needs, or you need a more niche HR specific solution to help manage and automate administrative tasks, finding the best collaboration tools and recruitment software for agencies or in-house teams is tricky. There are a number of online collaboration recruitment tools to look out for that might help bring together your hiring platforms and recruiting tools with the core tools you need to collaborate and manage projects. We’ve hand-picked a few of the best solutions that might help you to streamline the recruitment process and source superstar candidates. 


RingCentral’s comprehensive platform brings together a number of collaborative tools, making it an ideal platform for dynamic recruitment teams. The unified platform was built with effective team communication front of mind. With features such as file sharing and storage, task management, screen sharing and instant messaging all in one single platform, hiring teams can share potential candidate CVs, job spec files and contracts, work together on documents in real-time. Hiring teams can even make use of unlimited video conferencing for meetings with recruitment agents, face-to-face interviews, and even onboarding and training.  


For teams looking for a simple but effective project management solution, Basecamp is a great platform for managing workflows and working together online. The easy-to-use task management features allow you to set tasks, assign to-dos to specific colleagues, set deadlines and attach files and comments to give better context. Basecamp is popular with managers looking for an easy way to delegate tasks online, oversee workloads and assess progress. 


TeamViewer offers a range of features designed for remote teams or those simply looking to collaborate more efficiently online. The remote desktop software houses collaborative features including video and audio conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing for more fluid collaborations in one single platform.  


Asana allows teams to collaborate on projects, assign tasks, organise their work and see the big picture of every project. A popular tool for collaboration and project management, the holistic features include task sharing, file storage, calendar syncing and reporting. With a handy mobile app as well as desktop versions, recruitment project teams can work through the hiring process seamlessly, all from one intuitive project management platform. 


For teams looking for a more visual way to oversee and conduct their collaborative work, Trello is a popular choice. The Kanban view software allows collaborative teams to manage projects, delegate tasks and monitor the progress of their work in a visual layout that facilitates interdepartmental communications across all projects. Users can personalise their Trello environment, choose their preferred template and assign and set deadlines using Kanban cards to organise the hiring team’s workflow at every stage of the process.  


How to choose the right online collaboration tool for teams?

When it comes to selecting the best collaboration software, the number of solutions on the market can make things a little daunting. It’s important to cut through the noise by taking a step back to assess your real business needs and what your essential requirements are with regard to collaborative work. 

For hiring teams that might span across HR and a number of other departments, it’s important to consider key business challenges such as disparate parties and those that might be out on the road a lot of the time. Choosing cloud-based software allows for more agility, accessibility, and the flexibility to scale. 

It’s also important to look for a single platform that brings together all the functionality you need and, if not, check that it integrates with other essential software so that you can fill any gaps in those requirements. 


Why is RingCentral the best collaboration tool for Recruitment Teams?   

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The RingCentral platform brings together a range of useful features, all designed with team productivity and efficient collaborations in mind. With a number of benefits for disparate teams and remote access via our handy mobile app, RingCentral is an ideal choice for dynamic recruitment teams looking for a virtual environment to underpin their hiring processes. 

1. Easy-to-use

Our unified, intelligent software is built for ease of use. With an accessible mobile app as well as desktop apps covering android, iOS, Mac and PC users, team members have visibility of their messages, files, and all the context they need to progress the hiring process forward, whether they’re working remotely or in the office. Users can set up dedicated chat threads to share CVs, get approval on job spec files, or simply discuss dates for interview stages. Whether you need audio conferencing, simple virtual phone functionality, video calling or task management, with RingCentral, everything you need is at your fingertips, which means collaborating and getting tasks done is much easier. 

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2. Integrated

If you need a solution that not only brings together your key communications capabilities but also connects with your essential day-to-day tools, RingCentral is a great choice to help you customise your entire virtual workspace. With RingCentral, teams can integrate their collaborations with hundreds of software tools like Microsoft and Google Workspace, as well as the more niche recruitment-specific solutions they might need. 

3. Secure & Scalable Collaboration

With seven layers of security, RingCentral keeps your business conversations secure at each level of your organisation. With robust security measures baked in at every level of our architecture, our resilient cloud platform brings peace of mind. What’s more, our flexible cloud-based platform means your communications solution can grow in line with your business teams, meaning you have the capacity to expand your teams, adjust to seasonal demand, or go global when the time is right to scale. 

4. Supports Collaboration & Productivity

Bringing together team messaging, cloud phone features, video conferencing and file storage all in one single, unified platform means you reduce the need to switch between various platforms. Designed for more efficient collaboration, your recruitment teams can save time, stay productive and focus on the task at hand.

5. A secure all-in-one workplace for Recruitment teams 

With busy hiring teams juggling a number of different tasks, recruitment teams must source a tool that facilitates efficiency and allows them to connect from anywhere. Here is a selection of RingCentral’s core features that allow for smoother collaborations:


  • Team messaging

Fine-tune your work with candidates, applicants, recruitment partners and internal team members by inviting anyone to you’re your conversations. 


  • Meet in one-click

Jump straight from a chat thread to a one-to-one or team meeting in one click and share your screen to discuss applications and CVs in real-time. 


  • Monitor team’s productivity 

Keep everyone on the same page by setting dedicated hiring team threads for each vacancy and keep track of progress easily in one place. 


  • Delegate Tasks

Assign tasks, update candidates, hiring managers, and recruitment agents and drive each new hiring project forward with built-in task management.


  • Share resume quickly and securely

Send candidate CVs and applications, pin documents and connect tools like Google Workspace to work together and update job descriptions and key recruitment files in real-time.  


  • Screen, review and approve from anywhere

Come together in a dedicated virtual workspace to review and filter prospective applicants and set a shortlist for interview using the mobile app, your laptop at home, or the office.  


  • Access applicants from any social channels

Integrate your collaborations with social media channels to efficiently drive your online outreach and generate interest in each open role. 


  • Hire new employees from anywhere, on any device

Interview candidates via video and update them on each phase of the hiring process via instant messaging, share assessment documents, or send offer letters all via one single platform, on mobile or desktop, from wherever you are in the world. 


 6. Plans and pricing that meets recruitment teams needs

With capabilities that bring together a number of communications channels in one platform, recruitment teams can consolidate fees and drive down costs. With a free trial version available, teams can test out the software to ensure it meets your needs. 

What’s more, with a number of pricing plans on offer, RingCentral allows you to select a plan that meets your needs and your budget. 


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Discover RingCentral Solutions                     

Whether you need a video calling tool to conduct more regular face-to-face interviews, or you simply need a more robust, comprehensive cloud phone solution to streamline communications with applicants and internal team members, RingCentral offers all the capabilities you need. 


Video Conferencing

Meet face-to-face in real-time with high-quality video and audio. Build better connections and conduct more effective meetings from wherever you are in the world. 


Learn more about video conferencing


Cloud Phone Systems

With seamless, flexible connectivity, users can make and receive calls using their business phone number on any device; meaning teams can keep work life and leisure time separate. 


Learn more about cloud phone system


Powerful integration that’s recruiting teams want

RingCentral offers a vast range of off-the-shelf integrations with popular project management tools, file storage solutions, calendars, and more niche, cloud-based recruitment platforms or specific software you might need in your day-to-day operations. 

Here are a few RingCentral integrations you might need to help your recruitment teams hit the ground running.


Join meetings in one click and seamlessly work through your daily schedule from within one single workspace hub. RingCentral integrates with your calendar whether you use Google Calendars or Microsoft Outlook, so your recruitment teams can align their schedules seamlessly from within the collaborative platform. 


A Trello for RingCentral integration means you’ll get all the notifications and alerts you need whenever there is new activity on a Trello board. Receive alerts on completed tasks, new comments and project updates into your team conversation of choice. You can even tag your co-workers directly from within the messaging app. 

Google Drive

Integrating Google Drive into your RingCentral app means you can pull any document, presentation, image, video or other file stored in your Google Drive directly into any team messaging thread, sharing files with your team without ever leaving the RingCentral platform. 


Adding Zapier to your team messaging workspace, teams can truly customise their environment. Get updates from any of the 750 Zapier-supported apps to really streamline your workflows. Whether it’s new Gmail messages, RSS feed items, new tweets or Facebook comments, you can organise your collaborative platform to include all the notifications you might need to work smarter and more efficiently as a team.

CEIPAL TalentHire                   

For recruitment teams with a CEIPAL TalentHire account, RingCentral brings integrated cloud communications, collaboration and your applicant tracking system (ATS) all together. Users can manage calls and SMS related actions from within their ATS for users to manage all their call and SMS related activities inside their ATS. 


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