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July 28, 2021 | 6 Mins Read

Dial-in Conference Call

Major Innovations That Transformed the Conference Call


Communication has always been a key factor in doing business, but in recent years it has been more and more driven by advances in technology. With increasing moves to remote and hybrid working, things like dial-in conferencing have become more integral to our everyday work. 

But what exactly is a dial-in conference call? When should we be using a conferencing service? What benefits does it offer, and how do we join conference calls from a mobile phone or from landlines? 

What is a dial-in conference call?


This type of phone call is where multiple participants can dial in to join an audio conference. It offers an alternative to online meetings for people who may not have a stable internet connection or who cannot access the internet from their mobile device. Dial-in conferencing is also a good alternative to video conferencing.

Whereas a web conference requires good internet connections and can be accessed from a browser or an app, conference calling is an internet-free way of bringing people together for a real-time meeting, regardless of location. 

A dial-in conferencing service offers the best free conference call service to keep you connected with your team or with clients. 

What is a dial-in number?


If you want to join a conference call (or indeed a web conference), then when the host invites you to be a call participant, they will send you a dedicated dial-in number to access the meeting. 

In most cases, this will be a freephone/toll-free number or a local phone number. But in cases where some of the call participants are located in other countries, an international dial-in conference call number will be given.

The advantage of the international dial-in phone numbers is that it allows those participants to access the call without facing expensive international charges. And by assigning dedicated dial-in numbers, it means you have a simple process to host or join a conference call without any booking process and without a time limit being imposed.

When should you use dial-in audio conference calls?



The simple answer to this is that you can use this type of call anytime you want. But it will often be the case that people would prefer to have a video conference or a web conference where they have good internet access and/or all participants are using a VoIP system. 

There are certain situations, though, where audio conferences may be your only or preferable choice:

  • No access to the internet.
  • Lack of stable internet connection.
  • If you (or other participants) have no access to web or video conferencing services.
  • When only one person is making a presentation or webinar
  • If there’s too much background noise to use a mic and speakers, and you have no headset or headphones.


How does a dial-in conference call work?


How does a dial-in conference call work | RingCentral UK


If the host of a meeting invites you to participate, then you will be offered different options as to how to access the conference call dial-in meeting. 

If you do have access to a mobile app or online link, then joining works with a simple click. But if you don’t have access to the internet (or to your mobile apps for some reason), then you have to dial in to join the meeting. Features include:


  • Dedicated dial in conference call numbers
  • Access code (PIN code) to join the meeting 
  • Time meeting starts 
  • Call recording option 


How To Set Up a Conference Call


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How do I host a conference call on RingCentral?


The main thing to remember is that a conference call should resemble a physical meeting as much as possible, in that it should have an agenda and set start and finish times. 

If you plan on being the host of a conference call via your RingCentral system, then the process is satisfyingly straightforward:

  • Open your RingCentral app and click on ‘schedule’. 
  • You can then choose the date, time, and duration of the meeting. 
  • Choose whether you want a one-off meeting or a regular call (for example, you may want to schedule weekly meetings). 
  • Select any relevant settings such as video or audio.
  • Select participants to add (either from existing list or by adding numbers or email addresses)
  • Invite participants by email 
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Note: With RingCentral, you can integrate other tools such as Calendar or Outlook to make scheduling and invites a lot simpler. 


How to set up a dial-in conference call on RingCentral


If you’re going to be using conference calls regularly, how do you go about setting the whole thing up?

  • If you are not already signed up, subscribe to RingCentral.
  • Log in to your account and go to the conference call section.
  • On your account dashboard, access the dial-in numbers and access codes provided to you when invited to join the meeting. 
  • Dial in to the meeting when it is due to start and enter your participant code. 
  • Participate!

Why choose RingCentral?


Video Conferencing App


With so many different services offering conference call options, why should you choose RingCentral? 

RingCentral offers a comprehensive business communications suite with an impressive range of features. 

  • Mobility & accessibility. It doesn’t matter where your staff are, or where they go, with RingCentral you can use and access your communications system from anywhere in the world. Users can share phones and numbers, and you can even assign a local number to staff regardless of location. 
  • Integration. It’s easy to integrate RingCentral with apps and systems you already use or plan to use. Everything from CRM tools to calendars, from Salesforce to Outlook. That makes it easier to streamline your workflows. 
  • Meetings. Meetings can be one of the most important features in any UCaaS solution and RingCentral has them in droves. Whether a simple dial-in audio meeting or an HD high quality video conference, RingCentral offers everything you need. 
  • Security. Every organisation needs good security, especially if their communications discuss sensitive info and data. RingCentral offers enterprise level security on all their communication platforms and high level of admin control over users. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best platform to make a dial-in conference call?

With a wide range of features, affordability, and scalability to suit any size of business, RingCentral is the best conference call option for dial-in conference calls with high sound quality. 


2. How can I do a conference call on my phone?

Making or joining a conference call from your landline, Android smartphone, or Apple iPhone is very easy. Simply follow the instructions on your dashboard. 


3. What are the advantages of dial-in conference calls over other conference calls?

The primary advantage is that a dial-in conference call allows people to participate who either have no internet connection or who have an unstable connection that would otherwise adversely affect the call. 


4. How much do conference call services cost?

Costs can vary according to provider and features. RingCentral offers a range of great plans that vary from ₤7.99 per month (with 100 inclusive minutes) to ₤24.99 per month (with 4000 inclusive minutes). 


5. Can I share my screen in a conference call?

You can easily share a screen with RingCentral when making a video call. But if making a dial-in audio conference call, there is no screen sharing option. 

6. How do I join a conference call?

If you have been invited to join a dial-in conference call, you simply dial the dedicated number provided, then enter the access/participant code you were given when the system prompts you. 


The takeaway 

Dial in conference lines are a great and efficient alternative if participants have no internet access or if there is simply no need for an online meeting. 

The dial-out and dial-in processes are simple and all you need is your phone and your phone keypad. Being able to make free conference calls  is a boon for small businesses or those where employees are on the road a lot. 

Participants can join a meeting by simply dialing the number provided from their mobile devices and it allows for international dial-ins, too. With real time communication essential in modern business, this easy access alternative to web conferences is something everyone should consider. 

Originally published Jul 28, 2021

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