How To Set Up a Conference Call

RingCentral offers audio and  video conferencing in one single, secure and powerful platform that lets you host remote meetings quickly and easily anywhere on any device.
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Every team wants to be able to communicate seamlessly. With many teams working across more locations than ever before, it’s important to be able to speak as clearly and easily over the phone as you can face to face. 

Conference calling with RingCentral makes this possible. With all the services you need to stay connected such as conference calls, video calling and additional free features, talking on the phone feels totally natural.   

The world is evolving, and we’re here to help you evolve with it.

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What Is A Conference Call?

A conference call is a call that takes place between three or more call participants. Everyone dials into the call at an agreed time, and connects up on the same system. Essentially, the purpose of a conference call is to connect teams in a professional setting and give everyone the power to speak, listen and contribute meaningfully to the conversation. It works whether you’re using a landline, PC, Android or iPhone. 

Sound simple? It should be. But, the reality is that without the right software conference calls can often be complex, confusing and frustrating.

“What? Sorry? No, you go!” Poor audio can cause crackly lines and difficulty hearing one another, and the prices can rack up, too. We’ve all been on a bad quality call and come away wondering what anyone actually said.

But the best companies have excellent communication. All members of the team are on the same page, and misunderstandings never occur because of crackly phone lines or lagging. The best conference calls are clear, crisp and allow teams to hear one another as if they were in the same room. 

The Easy, secure and cost-effective ways for hosting conference calls

RingCentral provides an easy, secure and cost-effective way to host conference calls. This means that you can do the following:

1. Invite Attendees

Easily invite attendees to your video call by either sharing the link or sending dial-in numbers and participant codes. You can also schedule conference calls in advance by using integrations with an online calendar. 

1. Create a conference call account

Setting up your first conference call is pretty simple once you’ve got the right service and phone system in place. Fortunately, all RingEX plans include a free conference call feature. Simply log in to your dashboard, and use the conference call feature.

2. Select appropriate dial-in numbers for your callers

Once you’re in the dashboard, you’ll need to get these codes for your meeting. A dial-in number allows call participants to join the conference bridge. A participant code is used by the people who have already dialed in to direct them to your specific conference call.

To make your life easier, RingCentral gives your company one dedicated dial-in number. Once conference call participants know this number, you’ll only need to give them the unique participant code for your own call.


What is the dial-in number for UK participants?

All UK numbers start with 0. When dialling from another country, remove the 0 and add +44.

How do I do a conference call with attendees outside the UK?

It’s simple: follow the steps that you would use normally and use the dial-in number from your country.
3. Pick a date and time for your call

Before you arrange a conference call and send any invites, make sure you find a date and time to suit any and all participants. It’s no good organising a project outline call with a major client, if one of the client’s major decision-makers is on leave!

RingEX’s wide array of integrations come in particularly handy here. As the platform syncs up with major calendar apps like Google Calendar, it’s far easier to schedule a call at a time to suit everyone. Having the call marked on everyone’s calendars, too, makes it much less likely—although unfortunately not impossible—that no one will forget about it. 

4. Send a conference call invite

With your call arranged and scheduled, all that’s left to do is to invite all the key contributors. There are a number of ways to do this. You can either send out your dial-in numbers and participant codes, or you can share the meeting link via SMS, email or chat.

Emailing call invites is often the most efficient choice. When you do so with a RingEX conference call, depending on the recipient’s email provider, the call will often be automatically added to their calendar. Office integrates, after all, with major providers such as Microsoft Outlook.

2. Join in a call

join a meeting

Joining a call is simpler with RingCentral than many conference calling services. You’ll just need the link or dial-in number and your participant/access code. Make sure you mute yourself until the call has started, and introduce yourself before you talk—unless you’re late.

1. Enter meeting link or personal link

With RingEX, you can enter your meeting link or simply select the company dial-in number to get your call rolling. You’ll then be prompted to input your unique host access code. 

As the host it’s a good idea to be the first one to dial-in. You can, however, enable the join before host option to allow participants to access the call before you do.


How many participants can there be in the conference call?

Our conferencing system can accommodate 500 participants in one conference call. The host is able to place all guests on mute to eliminate background noise from large numbers of participants.
For a large scale conference calls learn more about our plans and pricing.
Or you may
2. Attendees to utilise an app

Attendees using the RingCentral on desktop or the mobile app on mobile devices can join your call quickly and easily. All they need to do is to head to the conferencing area of the dashboard, and select the right dial-in number from the relevant dropdown. 

They’ll know the dial-in number from previous calls with your company or their invite to your specific call. They can then enter the participant access code for the call, which will also have been on their invite. And that’s it. They’re ready to take part in your discussion.

3. Attendees to utilise a smartphone ‘1-click’ dial-in service

Conference calls aren’t just for those participants who are in the office. In this age of remote and hybrid working, it’s vital to be able to dial-in to calls, wherever you are. With RingCentral conference calling, you can.

Users on their smartphones can take advantage of the simple ‘1-click’ dial-in service. With just a simple tap of the meeting link on their SMS or email invite, they can join your call and play their part.

Are there free conference call services?

Yes, certain companies offer a free plan - but these don’t have the additional features found on RingCentral, such as video conferencing, screen sharing, hold music and integrations.

3. Administer a call

You can easily administer a call even if you’re not hosting it yourself. Simply follow the steps to host a call and then send the host code to the relevant person. When administering a call you have a bunch of options in order to properly manage the call:

  • Lock/unlock conference call
  • Kick participants from a call
  • Turn call recording on/off
  • Dial-out to late attendees
  • Conference control centre to manage all above functions

Make sure you’re ready to step in if the host has any issues. These easy to use features make it a breeze to manage and moderate calls. Take advantage of these features and more with the RingCentral paid subscription plan. Unlock  all the above features with the  RingCentral phone systems plans.

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What are the best conference call services?

RingCentral is the best high-quality conference call service for your business. With the following features and functionalities, conference calls are professional, seamless and slick.

Conference calls

Most businesses are here for the main feature: audio conference calls. Here’s why RingCentral conference calls are the best in the business: 

With RingCentral, the host can record conference calls and use them to refer back to later. Recordings can then be sent out by the host so all members have a copy.
Keyboard commands are useful in helping callers perform certain functions quickly and efficiently. For example, to mute or unmute yourself using your phone’s touch-tone keypad, you just need to press *#6.
In some scenarios, teams will be required to break up into smaller teams to discuss certain topics or projects. RingCentral’s breakout rooms allow hosts to create separate breakout rooms and move callers in and out when needed.
Call control enables the host to screen callers and block callers from joining, just like with a traditional phone call. This keeps your business calls safe and professional.
Settings allow you to control the conditions of your conference call and set them to your preferences. Control how many people are allowed into the call, the volume, and other important elements.
While conference calls are great for those without an internet connection, you can also connect to a RingCentral conference call with a VoIP, offering greater accessibility.
With RingCentral, every business is given a free conference call number, making life that little bit easier for everyone involved. 
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What are local UK area codes and phone numbers?

With RingCentral, your business doesn’t have to lean on only 0800 or 0845 numbers. You can also get local numbers with the recognisable area code for your region. 

Video conferencing and screen sharing

Sometimes, teams want to be able to see each other when they’re talking. Reading a colleague’s body language makes communication stronger and boosts concentration. Here are some of the features offered exclusively with a RingCentral conferencing plan:

With RingCentral, connect teams in a matter of seconds and see each other face to face with a video conference. With HD, use any device whether it’s a laptop, desktop, Android, or iOS mobile devices, and connect to colleagues across the world and connect and meet even when travelling.
Help colleagues to understand your point by sharing your screen during your video call and use it to share documents and presentations.
Video recording and playback ensures that all team members have a copy of the video and can look back over it at any time. This can also be great for webinars or social media content.
A drawing desktop allows other callers to see your sketches, designs and graphs in real-time. Great for artists, designers and architects.
Connect to a computer in another location with remote desktop.
Stay connected by chatting on messenger with your colleagues at any time. Improve team relations by sending emojis, gifs and files.
Create joint presentations with the studio presentation tool.
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Online meetings

While a conference call offers the ability to talk without internet access, RingCentral also provides the option for online meetings with the following great features:

Split away from colleagues and have separate meeting rooms with RingCentral.
Create and host a meeting simply and efficiently, and start the meeting within seconds.
Don’t limit yourself to one conference. Host multiple with RingCentral’s additional feature.
Allow users to wait in a waiting room until the host is ready for the call to officially begin.
For added security, lock your meeting so no uninvited attendees can join.
Ensure that no one can accidentally make their way into your meeting with a unique ID every time.
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How secure are conference call services?

Every level of RingCentral’s architecture and processes are protected by seven layers of security—conferencing services included. 
RingCentral provides Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) between all endpoints. We’re also ISO/IEC 27001 certified, the globally-recognised international standard for information security. 
Watch to know more about our security
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Why use RingCentral for your conference calls?

RingCentral is one of the best conference call providers UK. It’s great for both big and small businesses, with a number of paid plans and flexible pricing to match your every need. So, whether you’re hosting a conference call or joining one RingCentral is the way to go.


Additional free conferencing call features

  • Unlimited internet faxing
  • Internal messaging and
  • Document sharing
  • Unlimited audio conferencing
  • Up to 500 participants
  • 24 hours max meeting duration
  • Call detail reports
  • Integrations
  • Calendar

Conference call frequently asked questions

There are two types of conference calls: operator-assisted and reservationless. An operator-assisted conference call has an operator on the line to help, whereas a reservationless call relies on the host to facilitate the call. Most businesses use reservationless conference calls.

Either follow the link the host has sent you, or use your dial-in number and participant code.

With conference calling, you can dial into a meeting from wherever, making it a great flexible option for businesses with plenty of remote workers.

The sooner you invest in a conference call service, the better. Businesses will benefit from conference calling as soon as their team members aren’t all in the same place. So, if you start hiring remote workers or employees across the pond, conference calling will take your business communication to a new level.

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