The rise of collaborative communications

Today’s changing competitive landscape has your workforce operating on overdrive, and your IT team is straining to support your company’s increasing mobile and global communications needs.

The explosion of high-performing, cost-effective cloud technologies is finally giving knowledge workers all the tools they need in one easy solution.

This insightful report from ZK Research reveals significant new findings in enterprise workers’ communications preferences.

Would want their IT departments to provide them with the necessary tools and support to work remotely.
reported that their team messaging and collaboration applications are helping with productivity and work efficiency.

Among those who do not have an integrated communications platform at work, 73% said that they are very/somewhat interested in having their company combine all of their favorite communications tools into one solution.

83% among this audience believe having communication tools (e.g., phone, text, meetings, fax) fully integrated into their office productivity applications would be valuable.

Among those who do not have access to an integrated communications platform in the workplace, a majority (51%) think that they could save up to 20% of their time by having all of their communications/collaboration tools integrated together, while one in five (22%) believe that they could save up to 30% of their time thanks to such a platform.
  • Knowledge workers reported they can save 20% of their time using one communications and collaboration solution.
  • 80% of knowledge workers surveyed feel that workstream communication and collaboration make them much more efficient and productive.
  • Growing enterprises can enable their teams to work faster and more effectively.
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