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RingCentral’s Live Chat integration upgrades a customer’s experience by enabling them to connect with companies directly in real-time.

What is a live chat?

Live chat is messaging software that gives customers the option to speak directly with a company rep, via a pop-up chat window or widget, on company web pages. It’s proven to be a popular form of customer communication, and chatbots are now ‘must have’ SaaS tools for many companies.

Benefits of live chat for customer support

Incorporating a live website chat facility offers companies many advantages, from reduced costs to improved customer satisfaction levels. Here are six ways live chat can add value to your organisation:

Reduce expenses

Live chat is generally more cost-effective than phone support.

Agents can multitask and assist several site visitors at once, enabling a few agents to serve the same amount of customers as a larger team of phone support agents.

Having a knowledge base of prepared responses at the ready for common questions frees up agents’ valuable time to focus on more unique questions.

Boost sales

Live chat support helps companies manage busy periods and enables sales teams to oversee more sales.

A live chat widget provides personalised communication - a prime driver when it comes to boosting conversion rates, sales and revenue.

Live chat provides your team with more opportunities to turn visitors into paying customers with the ability to start up chats at key moments.

Discover customer pain points

With live chat software, administrators have access to all a customer’s chat histories, and they can sort, search and filter to identify customer pain points quickly. Having rapid access to past customer data means reps can quickly find ways to address their problems.

Customers’ problems can be addressed via a private help desk rather than on a social network ↣ helping to keep things discrete and private.

Customers’ frustration levels are kept to a minimum with live assistance. Instead of having to wait for an email response, in a  ticketing system or in a phone queue, they can chat right away.

Provide customer convenience

Website visitors don’t have to waste time looking for information, they can simply launch live chat immediately without trawling the company site.

Customers don’t have to spend precious time emailing or phoning. With live chat, they can get on with other tasks while chatting to a rep.

Live chat offers customers extra choice. If they don’t like talking on the phone or communicating via social media, this gives them another option. Live chat also adds an extra level of customer engagement because it’s a highly personalised form of communication.

Gather data

Live chat comes with valuable data since chat sessions are packed with customer questions and problems that can be monitored in real-time.

Live chat’s inbuilt analytics can be used to identify areas for improvement and spark ideas for coaching.

Post-chat surveys are helpful tools to assess customer satisfaction levels and make improvements.

Grow your business

Live chat lets you engage with website visitors proactively and turn them into customers before they stray to a competitor site, thereby increasing your customer base.

Live chat allows you to extend your reach to international customers who may find phone calls too expensive.

Live chat is highly popular with customers, and many studies reveal customers are more likely to use companies with a live chat feature. In fact, 33% of buyers rate 24/7 live chat during the research stage of their journey as a top-three requirement for best-in-class suppliers.

Types of live chat service solutions

Live chat software comes with a range of different live chat tools and integrations. RingCentral’s live chat solution offers you the option to customise settings, screen share and take a deep dive into analytics in real-time.

RingCentral live chat features


Optimise customer experiences using real-time data

Agents have all the essential information they need at their fingertips to enable them to create amazing customer experiences. For example, they can view the time spent on the current page, the number of pages visited and the total number of visits. It’s also possible to customise fields any way you like - based on your specific business needs - and use this data to convert more customers.


Branded Chat

Do things your way

Express your brand’s personality with customised chat windows. You can use your own brand colours, logo and designs, and choose the appearance of each chat instance (whether it’s a link, floating button, or invite pop-up). You also have the option to create your own tailored fields and send attachments, emojis, and more.

Behavioural triggers

Start timely conversations

RingCentral’s behavioural targeting feature allows you to see agent availability, chat status (whether open or closed), and current time on site so you can initiate live-chat invitations at optimum times.


NPS Surveys & More

Know your customers

You can use live chat to deliver automatic surveys at the end of each session. Immediate feedback from customers allows you to track your CSAT, NPS, or any other customer satisfaction metrics so you can work out how to serve your customers better.


Show as well as tell

Agents can access a customer’s screen in a click when co-browsing in live chat. They can highlight items to help them explain things better to customers - or click links to lead the discussion. This feature is quick and straightforward to set up and since co-browsing is native to the browser and doesn’t require any downloads.



Eliminate distractions, respond effectively

Assign automatic AI to live chat messages and sift through irrelevant data, bots and spammers. This ensures agents are making the best use of their time, while specific enquiries can be routed to the right teams to follow up, whether that’s sales, marketing or customer support.

Live chat in numbers

Customers who use RingCentral Engage see an increase in their customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS), a reduction in costs and the number of repeated contacts. The platform enables you to provide customers with:

RingCentral Engage provides:

+ 32%
shorter response time
+ 18%
Up to
first-contact resolution
Customer satisfaction
Need for manpower
Number of repeated contacts

How does it work?

RingCentral Engage is a scalable customer engagement platform designed to unify all your digital conversations. Agents can increase their contact outputs while also increasing customer satisfaction levels. All of this can be achieved with greater accessibility and quicker response times.

RingCentral allows you to analyse messages to filter and route customers to agents with the expertise to resolve their queries every time. The system provides you with analytics to monitor every interaction, allowing you to spot trends across the customer journey, improve your team’s performance and boost sales.

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How to choose the right live chat software for your business

There are plenty of live chat tools available, so finding the right solution for your business can be tricky. It’s worth doing your homework, so you end up with a live chat widget that supports your specific customer requirements. Before implementing live chat, check out user reviews and ratings and find out exactly what the software delivers.

Make sure your selected chat tool provides:

A real-time solution:

When a customer contacts your company, they want to speak to a member of your support team immediately.

A complete solution:

Select a solution that enables agents not just to offer live assistance but add files and data, use SMS or enable video calling without having to change devices or access the website.

Priced competitively:

Consider how many chats you get per month, whether you get full analytics reports, and aim to understand the vendor’s pricing plan in detail.


Rather than simply acting reactively, choose a tool that can provide automated messages to reach out to users who may require help. For example, effective chat messengers integrate with CRMs and other marketing automation to ensure responses are contextual to each chat.

Integrates with third-party software:

The best chat options are able to merge with multiple channels and services. For example, social media, apps, email marketing and CRMs e.g. Hubspot.


Make sure your chosen system integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and apps. For example, if your website is built on WordPress, make sure you can build your chat solution into this platform.

Fulfils your goals:

Whether you’re an ecommerce company using Shopify in need of a service that runs 24/ 7 - or you want to screen share with customers, make sure your solution has all the features you require.

Provides analytics:

Choose a software that can store chat histories and activate indicators around behavioural analysis, location and background information.


Select a robust online chat application to avoid security concerns.

Compatible with mobile:

Make sure your live chat software is available on the go via mobile apps.

Offers customer service 24/7:

Top notch customer service is a must so that if a problem arises, your customer help desk can provide swift resolutions.

Related features

Get closer to customers

RingCentral allows you to create strong relationships with your customers on their social media channel of choice, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Build accessible hubs to promote customer interactions and use AI to direct posts to the right team members. Track, filter and sort interactions and give quality responses to comments on every channel.

Customer service. Just like messaging a friend

RingCentral allows you to message customers securely via WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger on one customer engagement platform. Pick up conversations at any time from any device and help to prevent customers from being kept on hold. Use pre-built functionalities or add your own features or continue your chats offline. Combine live chat with messaging features with RingCentral’s Engage Messaging and keep a record of conversations to help improve your customer experience.

Get to zero in your inbox

AI can help you route messages and improve workflows and response times. With just one agent desktop for all digital channels, your customer service reps can manage their emails more efficiently - switching effortlessly from social to email. Connect to any inbox and use structured replies and formatted templates to boost agent productivity.

No review gets left behind

Keep track of reviews on Google and receive alerts so agents can respond in real-time and exceed customer expectations. Automatically aggregate comments for all your Android apps and enhance customer service with consistent, high-quality interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is live chat a real person?

Yes! Live chat agents are real human beings operating a company’s live chat service. Agents understand that people would rather chat with a real person than a bot, so they’ll immediately introduce themselves and tell you their name. They’ll also assure you that you’re chatting live with a human agent. You’ll be able to see them typing in the chat box live.

2. What is live chat customer service?

Live chat customer service is a type of messaging software that allows customers to speak directly with a company’s customer service reps. It works as a pop-up chat window on a company’s website, and the box may pop up automatically in a proactive way to engage with customers. Live chat customer service offers companies an instant way of meeting customers’ demands and ensures they have a better customer experience.

3. How much does it cost to add live chat to a website?

Live chat pricing plans can vary substantially, and some solutions offer free live chat. However, these types of plans tend to offer a limited amount of chats per month. It’s preferable to opt for a provider that allows you an unlimited number of chats - along with more advanced features. The RingCentral app supports live chat and includes a host of additional features. It’s also available as a free trial.

4. Do customers prefer live chat?

Live chat is the leading digital contact method for online customers. Customers love live chat because it offers them an immediate response to their queries, and many prefer live chat to talking on a phone. Customers also appreciate that they don’t have to experience long wait times to address their problems and that these can be resolved quickly.

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