Turn your contact centre into a profit centre

Upsell, cross-sell, collect, and promote with dynamic outbound contact centre and campaign management.
Contact center agent using RingCentral Engage Voice for their outbound call center campaigns

Make it easy for customers to get help anytime, from anywhere

Step up proactive outreach

Make the most out of every campaign with manual, preview, progressive, and predictive dialers.

Empower your agents

Increase productivity and deliver consistent experiences with flexible agent scripting.

Gain actionable insights

Improve operations with real-time and historical insights, plus comprehensive  agent analytics.

Improve security and compliance

Reduce TCPA exposure and comply with DNC. Secure and scale communications with  99.99% uptime.


Speed up lead generation

Reach leads and customers faster than competitors with campaign management.
Make the most of every connection by using advanced list management features with preview, predictive, and proactive dialers.

Maximise productivity by starting an outbound campaign during low traffic and switch to inbound when it gets busier.

Scrub lists before loading into automated dialers. Do not call people outside authorised time windows, when pending payment is received, and avoid over dialing.

The agents are on a video call using the RingCentral app
The agent scriting in RingCentral Contact Centre Solution

Create scripts quickly

Quickly build and update responses with our drag-and-drop scripting builder. No coding necessary.
Assist agents by creating dynamic workflows to guide conversations and highlight compliance and mandatory disclaimers.

Get new outbound call centre agents up and running quickly by importing information from RingCentral RingEX and script guidance.

Share agent notes and disposition to help customers avoid repetition and agents to easily continue each conversation.

Analytics and Reports

Adapt operations in real-time

Run agile operations with real-time reports to improve agent and outbound call centre performance.
Spot opportunities with preformatted or custom historical reports or dashboards to make it easier for your agents and customers.

Analyse trends and patterns with historical data to improve staffing and agent productivity.

How is realt -time analytics with RingCentral platform?
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Get more context on every call

Integrate popular CRMs to make outbound calls more relevant and effective. Create campaigns on the fly by grabbing lists from other systems and use web aggregators to capture and prioritise hot leads. Connect to any proprietary CRM, quality management, WEM, HR, or other back-end systems with our open APIs.

The fastest way to drive more outbound sales

Capabilities that make a difference

Connect agents with experts across the company with RingCentral RingEX to solve customer issues the first time.

Separate your outbound environment or initiate calls manually. Scrub your lists to remove DNC registrants and mobile numbers.

Prevent down time and leverage usage reports to easily adapt your subscription.

Get customer-ready today
Quickly launch an intelligent, easy-to-deploy contact centre that empowers your team with AI to grow and improve with every interaction.