Workforce Engagement Management

Simplify CX operations with smart WEM

Unlock your team's potential with AI-powered Quality Management, Conversation Analytics, and Workforce Management.
A female supervisor coaches a female agent using AI-powered Workforce Engagement Management
  • Automatic call summaries, scoring, and feedback reduce manual effort
  • AI-powered forecasting and scheduling eliminate guesswork
Easy to deploy and use
  • Get quick results with out-of-the-box ready AI Quality Management
  • Intuitive UI means minimal training for agents and supervisors
Detailed insights
  • Analyse customer sentiment at scale
  • Keep tabs on critical phrases and how often they occur
Empowered agents
  • Actionable feedback boosts agent performance
  • Self-service interface enables schedule requests, shift bidding, and trading
Efficient operations
  • Automated scoring allows supervisors to focus on coaching
  • Optimise resource costs with the right mix of agents and skills

Seamlessly integrated with RingCX contact centre to deliver better customer experiences.

The message window of the RingCX Agent dashboard
The message window of the RingCX Agent dashboard

Optimise your customer engagement

Leverage AI insights to streamline your contact centre operations.

Automated AI scoring and feedback

Never miss a coaching opportunity with RingSenseTM AI Quality Management.

Effortless insights into the customer journey

Get the complete picture of agent performance with automated scoring, transcripts, and summaries of all interactions.

Targeted improvements in agent behaviors

Identify performance gaps in specific areas like energy level, filler words, and engaging questions.

Actionable coaching

Provide detailed guidance with the RingSense AI Coach as well as time-stamped supervisor feedback and custom scorecards.
A male supervisor looks at the Intelligent Scoring feature of the RingCX Workforce Engagement Management
The conversation summaries feature of the RingCX Workforce Engagement Management used by a female agent

A complete view into what customers and agents say

Leverage RingSense AI Conversation Analytics to better understand customer interactions.

Rich business insights

Discover a treasure trove of knowledge by extracting data from every interaction.

Customer sentiment tracking

Find areas of improvement by identifying customer sentiment and key moments of frustration.

Conversation trends and topics

Keep a finger on the pulse of your contact centre by tracking keywords, competitive mentions, and objections.

Maximise operational efficiency

Balance great experiences and costs through advanced Workforce Management.

Optimised resource planning

Always have the right mix of agents available with AI-driven forecasting.

Valued and empowered agents

Boost employee satisfaction and reduce turnover by giving agents a voice in managing their schedules.

Quickly adjust schedules in response to demand

Track real-time adherence and interaction volume and make changes to resourcing to maintain service-level targets.
A man looking at the calendar feature of RingCX Workforce Management
eBook cover: a female agent use AI in a customer service call

The easy way to boost CSAT and improve agent performance while reducing costs

Unlock efficiency in your contact centre by adding Quality Management, Conversation Analytics, and Workforce Management to your RingCX solution.

Get customer-ready today
Quickly launch an intelligent, easy-to-deploy contact centre that empowers your team with AI to grow and improve with every interaction.