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September 30, 2021 | 9 Mins Read

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Sales can be competitive, dynamic, and reactive. At a time when hybrid working is on the rise, business leaders and sales managers must ensure their teams have the tools they need to facilitate great teamwork as sales agents work together, whether they’re in the office or as part of distributed teams.

In this post, we explore the best tools, integrations and benefits of effective sales collaboration.

What is sales collaboration?

For salespeople, collaboration is second nature, but having the right tools means sales collaboration enables teams to work together to drive better quality leads, cross-sell, up-sell and close deals by working together to achieve their goals. 

While for many teams collaboration means communicating effectively with your fellow teammates, sales staff must take collaboration one step further. Sales collaboration also involves effectively communicating with customers to understand their needs and find the right solution for each individual case. This collaborative approach to selling is often referred to as ‘collaborative relationship selling’. 

Great sales collaborations are the essence of great teamwork. When sales teams collaborate, not just with other sales personnel but different departments, partners, stakeholders and clients, it can have a huge impact throughout the business. 

How important is online collaboration for sales teams?

Implementing a more collaborative culture within your sales department can significantly help your teams to become more effective.

Whether you’re a junior sales rep, a team leader or a manager, you’ll be managing a large workload and a lot of pressure. From prospecting to lead nurture and reporting on performance, sales teams must call upon the expertise of their fellow sales team members but also communicate with wider business colleagues as well as partners and clients. 

Being able to communicate quickly online through collaborative tools has become a non-negotiable for sales teams in recent years, but collaboration covers a number of different functions in addition to simple communications. 

What are the categories of collaboration tools for sales?

As sales collaboration encompasses a number of different processes and involves communicating a range of different stakeholders, sales teams must incorporate a number of different tools into their day-to-day collaborations.

With tools to build morale among sales team members, generate warm leads, communicate with clients, and accurately source and deliver sales reports, it’s important to identify the type of sales collaboration software you might need for you and your sales team. 

Here are just a few of the solutions you might need to consider as part of an effective collaborative approach:

  • Video conferencing software
  • CRM software
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Sales gamification 
  • Sales acceleration software 
  • Sales intelligence
  • Account-based marketing solutions 
  • Marketing collaboration software and automation tools
  • Customer service solutions
  • E-signatures and document tracking tools

What are the benefits of collaboration tools for sales teams?

Sales teams need to be able to multitask, so bringing together all their key collaborative tools and solutions and improving the efficiency of their communications means they can achieve better results on a daily basis. 

An effective suite of collaboration tools means sales teams can benefit from:

  1. Better internal relationships 
  2. More efficient workflows and processes
  3. Stronger customer relationships
  4. Better clarity of the sales cycle
  5. Integrations and automated processes 
  6. Better team morale 
  7. Improved upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  8. More accuracy and visibility of performance reporting and analytics

What are the best collaboration tools for sales teams?

The best online sales tools for sales teams are those that have the potential to integrate with your full suite of sales solutions. 

With a centralised collaboration tool or project management tool that brings together the functionality of your CRM, marketing automation software, sales intelligence and reporting, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your sales team at every level. 

Here are some of the best collaboration tools for sales teams.


Bringing together file sharing, task management, instant messaging, phone functionality and unlimited video calls, RingCentral is the ideal virtual ecosystem for dynamic sales teams. What’s more, with intelligent integrations with tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, as well as G-suite tools and calendars, colleagues can automate and streamline their day-to-day processes in an instant. 


Slack is a popular communications tool that enables teams to quickly message colleagues and share files. The versatile solution allows teams to set up different channels for specific topics or teams, keeping your communications efficient and streamlined. Whether you need a thread for company-wide communications or a channel for casual water-cooler chat, Slack is an ideal instant messaging solution for business teams, both big and small. 


Todoist lets sales teams ensure all their projects are organised and accounted for so that colleagues can complete tasks and drive successful progress on their business objectives and goals. With Todoist, users get a clear overview of all the tasks they have on their plate and can keep track of key projects in one single view. Features allow sales teams to set sections and subtasks for each project, quickly create and allocate tasks and set recurring deadlines for ongoing processes. 


DealHub is a unified solution that enables sales teams to generate quotes and contracts, nurture buyer leads and get real-time reports and insights. The purpose-built revenue platform connects each phase of the sales cycle and guides sales teams along each stage of the deal journey. Bringing together all your sales tools and solutions into one streamlined sales platform means your team can collaborate efficiently and fine-tune their workflows. 


Wrike’s versatile and robust project management platform boasts a range of features to help teams accelerate growth and drive a better customer experience. With customisable dashboards and workflows, teams can collaborate using Wrike can collaborate, share files, create tasks and automate processes such as approvals to streamline manual workloads and improve efficiency. 

How to choose the right collaboration tool for sales teams

With a number of project management tools, communications platforms and niche sales solutions, choosing the right collaboration tools for your sales teams can be challenging. 

Your sales team need software that helps them solve their key pain points, everyday challenges or roadblocks. 

Whether you’re looking for a better way to communicate internally and save time spent on emails or a comprehensive video conferencing platform to deliver quality sales presentations to customers and internal stakeholders, it’s best to look for a platform that brings together various features. 

Why is RingCentral the best tool for sales teams?                     

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RingCentral’s cloud-based, unified platform was designed for team efficiency. With a broad range of features and benefits that were built for remote, dynamic teams, RingCentral is an ideal solution for sales teams wanting to enable better mobility and agility and create a virtual working hub that can be used for the long term. 

1. Easy-to-use

With mobile and desktop apps both designed for ease of use, RingCentral users can set up chat threads, conduct one-to-one chats, manage tasks and store and share files all from within the platform. The intuitive interface means team members can get to grips with the key functionality within minutes, and everything they need is at their fingertips, whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the move.  

2. Integrated

The best sales tools are the solutions that bring together all your crucial functions together in one place. With hundreds of off-the-shelf integrations as well as an open API platform that allows you to custom-build your own, RingCentral allows businesses to personalise their virtual working environment for the needs of their sales division. With a working ecosystem that houses all the automation and solutions you might need in one place, communication becomes much easier, and workflows can be more friction-free and efficient. Bringing together calendars, marketing automation tools, G-Suite tools and your CRM into one single platform, businesses can improve efficiency across the board.

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3. Secure & scalable collaboration

With seven layers of security baked into our unified platform, RingCentral ensures you keep your business conversations secure at every layer of the organisation. With resilient security measures at every stage of the architecture, teams can rest in the knowledge that sensitive internal chats and customer conversations are safeguarded. What’s more, our cloud-based solution enables businesses to scale as their teams grow, giving you and your team the flexibility to diversify and expand over time.

4. Supports collaboration & productivity

Eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools and platforms, RingCentral unifies all the collaboration channels you might need and integrates with third-party solutions to enable better efficiency and a single workspace environment for dynamic sales teams. Being able to seamlessly progress through their workload without switching between CRM solutions, phone systems, emails, and reporting software means RingCentral users can save time and truly focus on the task at hand. 

5. RingCentral offers an all-in-one workspace for sales teams 

With sales team members out on the road, working from home, or in the office, having a solution that can bring everyone together in one virtual workspace is crucial. 

Our unified platform enables your sales team to work on the sales pipeline, nurture leads, and close deals from wherever they are in the world. 

  • Message team 

Whether you’re sharing info on sales reports, liaising with a potential client, brainstorming incentives within your team thread, or having one-to-one chats with the management team, being able to quickly fire messages helps you to build efficient collaborations into your everyday routine. 

  • Meet colleagues or clients face-to-face in one click

In an increasingly remote world, teams need to be able to get valuable face time and connect via video. With unlimited video calls, colleagues can meet face-to-face or have meetings with clients to close deals and give demos. 

  • Create and complete tasks

Managing a number of deals and projects at one time means it’s important to keep on top of things. Being able to create and allocate tasks and set due dates means you can oversee workloads, manage your schedule, and ensure you can meet deadlines every time. 

  • Work from your desktop, phone or on any device, anytime 

With our intelligent platform in the form of desktop and mobile apps, users can access all the files they need, chat, and close deals from wherever they are. With team members on the road, working from home or in the office, sales teams can come together remotely, using the iOS, Android or desktop app, and sell as a team from wherever they are in the world.

6. Plans and pricing that meets sales teams needs

With a holistic, unified platform, sales teams can consolidate their communications fees. Bringing together cloud phone services, instant messaging and video communications, businesses can take advantage of our free version of the platform to try out the software and ensure it meets the needs of your sales team. 

Or, for those ready to commit, RingCentral offers a number of pricing plans, with each level of service allowing you to select a plan that meets the needs of your budget. 

Essentials Standard Premium Ultimate





/user/month *

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Discover RingCentral Solutions

Whether you’re on the hunt for sales and marketing collaboration tools to build better connections between teams, or you’re in need of a video conferencing solution to deliver product presentations to clients, RingCentral offers the core functionality you need to nurture leads and drive better results.


Video conferencing

Video technology enables your disparate teams to meet face-to-face, whether they’re out at a trade event or in the office. What’s more, getting valuable facetime with clients can become more about building a positive connection and a stronger relationship with customers, helping you close deals, and drive better quality leads time and time again. With RingCentral’s high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, whiteboarding, and call recording, your teams can truly build stronger connections with customers and stakeholders and conduct great teamwork from wherever they are in the world. 


Learn more about video conferencing


Cloud phone systems

Our cloud-based phone solution enables business teams to be more agile and flexible with their working schedule, as well as allowing a more adaptable ecosystem for when you need to grow. With RingCentral’s seamless connectivity, business users can make and receive calls using business phone numbers regardless of what device they’re using. That means you can build a better work-life balance, enabling your sales team can keep work separate from their leisure time. 


Learn more about cloud phone systems


Contact centre

RingCentral’s comprehensive cloud communications solution offers a range of features specifically for contact centre divisions. With functionality such as call monitoring, call recording, omnichannel routing and workforce management, contact centre teams can be more efficient, analysing call data, gathering insights and driving a successful sales strategy through marketing automation, account-based marketing, outbound sales and customer service. 


Learn more about contact centre


The integrations that sales teams need

Bringing all your essential tools together is key to sales team efficiency. Here are a few RingCentral integrations you might need to help your sales teams hit the ground running.

Google Drive

Google Drive has become an indispensable tool for storing, creating and sharing files and improving visibility across the team. Integrating Google Drive for RingCentral means your teams can pull key documents and files directly into their chat thread within the platform and work on project files together from one place. 


Sales teams can empower their colleagues with a RingCentral for Salesforce integration, bringing communications capabilities and a more collaborative CRM experience into your virtual workspace. With a Salesforce integration, teams can enhance their CRM and service management experience by improving call efficiency, automating workflows, and delivering smoother customer interactions.


Zapier for RingCentral helps sales and marketing teams to completely customise their communications environment by bringing together all the tools and integrations they need. Connecting your RingCentral platform with Zapier enables business teams to automate workflows between RingCentral and 500+ pre-integrated apps.

Microsoft 365 

RingCentral for Microsoft 365 brings enterprise-grade communication functionality straight into your Outlook or Teams platforms on the web. Within one click, users can call, start a meeting and access their contacts, fully managing their calendars and commitments without leaving the Microsoft cloud environment.


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Originally published Sep 30, 2021

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