Why You Should Consider Live Streaming in Your Marketing Strategy

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We know live streaming as cutting-edge technology. It allows for real-time communication and video/audio transmission. But what’s more important it allows content creators and businesses to promote their product as well as reach new audiences across the globe with meagre expenses.

Overall, lots of top brands have already added live streaming to their core marketing strategies. Billions of dollars have been spent on the production of video content over the last few years. And with the rise of video marketing in recent years, live streaming growth is pretty much inevitable. The live streaming market is estimated to be worth more than $70 billion by the year 2021. Let’s go through all the ins and outs of live streaming and discuss why you should definitely consider adding this new technology to your marketing strategy.

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Live streaming — a new marketing boom

Why would people invest in live streaming in the first place? There are many general reasons behind the popularity of live streaming. But for now, let’s focus our attention on the key ones.

  • Live streaming is cost-effective.

Relative to its big brother the traditional video marketing, live streaming can cost businesses less. The most popular formats like Q&As, behind-the-scenes sessions, and product launches require little investments.

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Depending on your needs, a streaming setup can range from an average desktop or smartphone to a huge streaming studio with multiple high-quality cameras and microphones, professional lighting and decorations, as well as a top-tier, lightning-fast internet connection. Regardless, you don’t have to rely on the costly air time on television to showcase your live content anymore!

  • Real-time engagement and communication

Another important feature of live streaming is the ability to reach audiences live. You can communicate and engage with your viewers in real-time! This allows you to build strong relationships and develop your brand based on the loyal and fast-growing community. People really enjoy live interactions with content creators.

  • The ability to reach different target audiences

Thanks to living streaming, you can reach multiple audiences at the same time. You can broadcast your live content on multiple streaming platforms at the same time. For instance, you can promote your product or host a live interview on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, and Amazon Live simultaneously! With Restream Studio, you can do that and much more absolutely effortlessly. Choose the platforms you would like to stream to and go live. We’ll do the rest for you!

8 most effective live streaming types for businesses

There’s no golden standard for popular live streaming types that could be applied to any company. Generally speaking, each brand chooses a specific type of live streaming to fulfil its specific goals. For instance, if you are launching a new product or new features, it would be reasonable to broadcast a live product launch video. If you want to strengthen relationships with your customers, you may run a quick Q&A or behind-the-scenes session. Let’s run through the common live streaming types you can stumble upon on the web.

     1. Q&A sessions

Thanks to living Q&A streams, your customers can learn more about the company or its products directly from you or your brand’s representative. This format allows viewers to ask questions they would never normally have the chance. On the other hand, a Q&A session allows companies to gain trust and build a loyal community.

     2. Product launch videos

When it comes to discovering new products, only 15% of people prefer reading articles. This means most customers actually learn about new products via videos. Needless to say, live product launches are specifically designed to demonstrate your new product or feature in its full beauty, or in other words, to create hype around the launch. You can sometimes turn product launch live streams into other types like flash sales or product demo.

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     3. Video conferences

This year, video conferencing skyrocketed just as much as the other types of live streams, if not more. By the end of 2021, video consumption is predicted to grow up to 80% of all internet traffic. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were basically forced to move to video conferencing as a main form of communication. And with that, a remote position takes on a different meaning and quickly becomes a new ‘normal’. Team collaborations, planning sessions, and much more can be easily made thanks to video conferencing. 

     4. Educational live videos

Educational webinars are super trendy right now. Due to the pandemic or other factors, larger brands have already started feeding off this hot strategy. By organising an educational event on your brand’s behalf, you can bring together a huge and potentially diverse audience. One great feature of such educational live streams is that you can easily promote your brand by adding all sorts of advertisements: from posters and boards to different video pre-rolls and ad breaks. 

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     5. Behind-the-scenes live sessions

This next live streaming type allows business to basically turn physical events into virtual and potentially attract thousands of more viewers, including those whose geolocation would not let them visit your facilities otherwise. Behind-the-scenes is a cost-effective live streaming type that helps build a strong community around the brand by giving a “human face” to it. 

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     6. Live flash sales

If you can sell your product online, why not do it? Platforms like Facebook and Amazon have integrated the live flash sales ability into their interface to make it much easier for new and developing brands to promote and sell their products. Decide on what inventory you would like to demonstrate and sell online and jump right into it!

     7. Company announcements

Live streaming can be a very efficient way of reaching your community and employees regarding news announcements and introductions of new products. Live company announcements show that you care and want to keep your customers or your workers informed and up to date. 

     8. Live board meetings

Live streaming can save businesses thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours because it allows for that real-time communication. No more do you need to get every single person in one place. Organising live board meetings is both cost-effective and time-consuming. Moreover, it has become the go-to solution due to the global pandemic. 

3 great tips to make any live video better

Depending on the type of your stream, you may be needing some extra preparation or investment. However, generally speaking, there are just three golden rules of a great live stream: planning, testing, promoting. Here’s how you can apply them to your live streams.

1. Plan your streams

Planning your live session is the very first step you need to make to succeed. Yes, live streams allow for some improvisation, but you cannot start streaming cluelessly and rely just on your imagination. Come up with a clear plan of what and when you want to talk about and show on stream. Also, try estimating how much time you are willing to spend on live streams. Remember, the longer your live stream is going, the fewer people will watch it till the very end.

2. Test everything before going live

Just like live television, things may not work properly right from the start. Before going live, always check if all the systems are ok. Test your audio, video, video pre-rolls, graphics, etc. Technical fails on live streams can really undermine any brand’s reputation. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make sure you do your best to prevent this.

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3. Promote on social media

Last but not least, the power of social media cannot be overestimated when it comes to promoting your live streams. The more platforms you use, the more people are going to show up on your streams. Simple as that. Consider creating a catchy visual banner and write an engaging text and make a post literally everywhere you can: on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

Let’s wrap up all of the above.

Lots of businesses have already been reaping the benefits from implementing live streaming into their marketing strategy. This cutting-edge technology is cost-effective, allows for real-time engaging communication, and targets different audiences across the globe. 

However, not every advanced piece of technology has to be complicated. In fact, humanity has always been simplifying all complex things by making them more user-friendly. The same rule applies to live streaming — what used to be a challenging way of communicating, sharing experience, and marketing, is now as easy as making a phone call. With Restream Studio going live is just that easy!

Depending on your brand’s needs, you can organise a quick Q&A session or host a video conference in just a snap of your fingers. Moreover, you don’t have to choose a specific platform to stream on — you can broadcast your live content on every single one of them at the same time! Choose what platforms you want to stream to and go live. We will do the rest. 

Don’t forget to plan your live streams and test if everything is working correctly before going live. This way, you can ensure the best quality for your customers. Wrap it up with the accentuated promotion campaign on social media, and the results won’t take long!

Originally published Nov 03, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2023

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